Time to announce the first prize giveaway for the 2009 edition of the JobMob Guest Blogging Contest.
Early bird

The early bird results

5 people sent in guest post submissions by the July 21st cutoff date.

Afterwards, one of those entries was disqualified because it wasn't 100% original, leaving only 4 entries in the early bird random prize drawing for the US$50 cash prize.

To choose the winner, I used Random.org's List Randomizer tool to randomly reorder the list of the  4 early-bird contestants' names with the idea that #1 would be considered the winner.

Here's how the results look.

And the winner is…

Israel Weisser

As they say in Israel: “Mazel tov! Congratulation!”

Israel, just a quick reminder that all the prizes will be paid out & distributed after the guest blogging contest is over.

To Israel and the other early-birds, thanks for making the effort of getting your entries in so early and good luck in the contest.

After a slight delay, the first entry will appear tomorrow (Tuesday August 4th 2009).

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  1. Israel

    Or as they say in Israel: Yeshhhhhh!
    Good start of the day and heading to 2 job related meetings, something good has to happen there too.
    Looking forward to see the guest blog contest.

    Thanks Jacob (and thanks Random.org)

  2. Kate

    I cannot wait to read the entries. Good luck with the rest of the contest.

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