The bloggers of Digital Eve Israel in 2009, one of the best English networking groups for professionals in Israel.

Use this blogroll to find professionals who can help in your field of expertise. As I know many of bloggers in the list, I can vouch that they'll respond to your queries as best as they can.

Digital Eve Israel's Bloggers in 2009

Modest Meanings

Modest Meanings Modest Meanings
Ainav Derkson
International Education Marketing Specialist

The Secrets of System i Security

The Secrets of System i Security The Secrets of System i Security
Shari Masafy
Marketing Communications Manager

The Big Felafel

The Big Felafel The Big Felafel
Rebecca Markowitz, Web Designer / Account Manager

Molly Livingstone, Director/Producer

Buzz from the Beehive

Buzz from the Beehive Buzz from the Beehive
Debra Daumier

Dr. Nili Marcia's Blog

Dr. Nili Marcia's Blog Dr. Nili Marcia's Blog
Dr. Nili Marcia
Energy psychology chiropractor

J Media Group Blog

J Media Group Blog J Media Group Blog
Shoshana Yossef
Senior Account Manager

illuminea blog

illuminea blog illuminea blog
Miriam Schwab


Tchochkes Tchochkes
Shira Abel-Shvo
Marketing and Strategy Professional


Debi'Z Debi'Z
Debi Zylbermann
SEO and Software QA specialist


Tikshoret Tikshoret
Marjorie Solomon
Communications Coordinator


The-Word-Well The-Word-Well
Sara K. Eisen
Freelance Writer, Editor, and Web Content Consultant

Israel Innovation 2.0

Israel Innovation 2.0 Israel Innovation 2.0
Lisa Damast
Marketing Manager

Debra De-Jong

Debra De-Jong Debra De-Jong
Debra De-Jong
International Marketing Professional

Translation R&R

Translation R&R Translation R&R
Naomi Elbinger

Pixel/Point Press blog

Pixel/Point Press blog Pixel/Point Press blog
Kelli Brown
Web developer & Graphic designer

PPC Blog

PPC Blog PPC Blog
Dan Perach
Google Advertising Professional

Brush This

Brush This Brush This
Liora Blum
Graphic Designer

IsraPay blog

IsraPay blog IsraPay blog
Moshe Egel-Tal, CSPP
Payroll expert and consultant


Creativivi Creativivi
Vivian Cohen-Leisorek
Marketing Manager/CI Specialist

Happiness: Hope or Hype?

Hope or Hype? Happiness: Hope or Hype?
Adriane Shuster
Life/Executive Coach

Positioning Power

Positioning Power Positioning Power
Nancy Shapira-Aronovic
Managing Partner

Green Prophet

Green Prophet Green Prophet
Karin Kloosterman
Freelance Writer/Journalist

Reality Overlaps

Reality Overlaps Reality Overlaps
Rebecca Rachmany
Director of Marketing

Zionism and the State of Israel

Zionism and the State of Israel Zionism and the State of Israel
Hadassah Levy
Web Content Professional

Stefanella's Drive Thru

Stefanella's Drive Thru Stefanella's Drive Thru
Stephanie Freid
Blog Administrator / Writer

הבלוג של האח”י דקר

Hablog shel Ach'i Dakar הבלוג של האח”י דקר
Hannit Cohen
Systems Architect and WordPress Specialist

First Year Mom

First Year Mom First Year Mom
Ofra Kleinberger
Marcom Manager

The Commtouch Cafe

The Commtouch Café The Commtouch Café
Rebecca Steinberg Herson
VP Marketing

דברים קטנים

Devarim Ketanim דברים קטנים
Sharon Gefen
Blogosphere researcher, WordPress Specialist and Designer

eJewish Philanthropy

eJewish Philanthropy eJewish Philanthropy
Dan Brown

Community Organizer 2.0

Community Organizer 2.0 Community Organizer 2.0
Debra Askanase
Social Media Strategist


JobMob JobMob
Jacob Share
Job Search Expert & Professional Blogging Consultant

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Jacob Share

Job Search Expert, Professional Blogger, Creative Thinker, Community Builder with a sense of humor. I like to help people.

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  1. Lisa

    You missed Israel Innovation 2.0 😉 For an inside look at Israel’s IT, Web 2.0 and cleantech sectors.

  2. Jacob Share

    Lisa- I didn’t miss it! I tried to add it, but every time I’ve visited the site in the past few days, the homepage would time out. I’ll add it once it’s back to normal.

    Miriam- Thanks all around. For the Twitter ID, I’m using WP Twitip ID.

  3. Miriam Schwab

    Nice to see how many more blogs there are this year! Great job Jacob.

    P.S. I like the new comment field for Twitter ID! Very smart.

  4. Sara Eisen

    This is GREAT. Thanks for compiling! Nice to see some virtual friends / actual acquaintances in this rich mix.

    And now on to shameless self-promotion…

    Hi. I have a 6 week old blog / site. Pls check it out!

  5. Lisa

    Just fixed the problem (It was a coding problem in IE). You should be able to access the site now just fine. Let me know though if you still can’t. Also, as Sara said, thanks for compiling this!

  6. Miriam Schwab

    Thanks for the tip about the Twitter ID plugin! I’m definitely going to be adding that one to our blogs!

  7. Pingback: Rebecca Markowitz

  8. Pingback: Rebecca Markowitz

  9. Rebecca

    Thanks Jacob! Hope to see you and your rollerblades soon!

  10. Jacob Share

    Sara, Lisa- I’ve updated the blogroll with your blogs.

    Miriam- I expect that WP2.8 will have the Twitter ID field built-in as an option somehow, perhaps through Intense Debate. It’s too important to miss.

    Rebecca- Me too. The timing of the last JWP meet wasn’t good, hopefully I can make the next one.

  11. Debra De-Jong

    Hi Jacob,

    Looking at the blogroll, I noticed that my blog that was previously there, disappeared…..
    Could you please add it again?



  12. Jacob Share

    Debra- I’ve added your blog, glad to see it’s still active.

  13. Daniel ALfon

    Hi Jacob!

    Thank you for this great job 🙂

  14. Rachel Kanat

    nice job Jacob
    it was really nice to see the blogs of all the fellow Devas

  15. Jacob Share

    Daniel, Rachel – thanks! There will be a few more blogs added shortly

  16. Kate

    This reminds me of my own involvement in Digital Eve Toronto.

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