David Steward was fired for doing something that thousands of people have done before him- posting a Dilbert comic on a bulletin board at his company. Dilbert creator Scott Adams is now trying to find the former security supervisor a job.

The offending comic

Dilbert comic that got man fired

The story

According to this article, “casino managers were not amused. By reviewing surveillance tapes, they determined that Steward was responsible for posting the cartoon. They fired him and accused him of not being a “team player.””

Steward later claimed that he was just trying to lighten up the tense atmosphere at work after the employees found out via the media that the casino was in danger of closing and that many of them would be laid off. If you read the article's comments, more of the context becomes clear as Steward himself intervenes.

Scott to the rescue

Recently, Scott Adams has been making fun of the whole story with cartoons about his character Wally getting fired for “also” comparing managers to drunken lemurs.

Today, Scott took things one step further by posting David Steward's resume on his well-trafficked blog. Maybe a lucky Vegas casino will try to cash in and everyone will come out winners.

What do you think?

After trying to claim unemployment benefits, the casino sued Steward but he later won. The labor court judge “sided with Steward and said his actions represented an error in judgment, not intentional misbehavior.”

Did the casino overreact in firing David Steward after what he did?

Did David Steward insult his bosses or make colleagues laugh too hard?

Should Scott Adams stop making fun of employers for fear of causing more firings?

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  1. Patti

    Patti says:
    I think they need to get a life. I always have a Dilbert calendar sitting on my desk or sometimes I actually have a Dilbert comic .. hung and matted on a huge 2ft by 3ft frame! . My pointy haired boss doesn’t seem to notice. Yet, I am sure the comic offends someone every once in a while. Heck, I am blonde and I have a triangular hairdo (which sits on my square-head).. and I date a handsome guy with a curly tie.

    But. I am, sure David was a threat to the security at the casino.. yes?
    I suppose David should have hidden behind a mask when he displayed the comic. You know, the way the professional comic-posters do it!

    Anyway, to be truthful, I have seen some of those casino bosses.. and quite frankly.. they look more like drunken…BIG-ASS APES … to me! So tell me… how DID they identify with .. A lemur?

    BTW Scott Adams. Should never cow-tow to other peoples pointed haired bosses or worry about their half-cocked or shall I say, “half-crocked“ —decisions!!
    And I am also wondering, if a boss has a Dilbert calendar or a Dilbert comic posted and some of his employees resemble LOUD HOWARD or Wally … (or another such beautiful blonde character) is there a lawsuit in the making??
    What if a boss resembles the pointy-haired boss and is offended at his own posting of the calendar or comic? Can a boss fire himself? Would he get unemployment? Hmmm

    On another note. DAVID worked at a CASINO?? I guess he could have been “whacked” ..YIPES!!!

  2. Patti

    Excuse me:
    For incorrectly spelling “kowtow” in my comment. Although, doing either .. would be.. “bull”

  3. Andrew

    This is precisely what happens when managers become drunk with their own authority. Being in management in the past, I’ve seen it before. People need to learn to keep a sense of humor when interacting with their employees. Ridiculous.

    Although – I am glad to see Scott Adams stepping up to the plate here on this one! It makes this guy’s former bosses look even more absurd. They will never live this down! Haha!

  4. Leslie

    How can you get fired for putting up a comic published in newspapers around the world on the bulletin board at work? It’s like getting fired for passing around a NY Times article to coworkers.

    And big ups to Scott for trying to help the guy get a new job. Hell, he could probably make money by starting a blog and writing about what happened…

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  7. Buck Cameron

    Isn’t the truth a defense?

  8. Honeybee

    Employers need to lighten the fuck up; it’s a cartoon, it’s supposed to be funny. This poor guy was just trying to lighten the mood at work with a little irony and someone got their little feelings hurt! Waaa Waaa

  9. Kate

    Publicity stunts get more and more elaborate.

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