Sally Shiff is a recruiter at Nisha Global, the international arm of Nisha Group which specializes in placing executives and other professionals in the hitech, biotech and financial industries (Hebrew).

Jacob Share 1) How long have you been in the recruitment industry?
Sally Shiff I made aliya in 2007 from Tucson, Arizona (USA) and have been with Nisha since December 2007. Before arriving in Israel, I was Regional Human Resources Manager at the RadioShack Corporation for almost 7 years.
Jacob Share 2) Does Nisha work with non-Israelis?
Sally Shiff It's not so much a question where the candidates come from; more important is what our clients' needs are. Nisha Global deals with Israeli companies that are looking to fill positions outside of Israel, such as in Singapore, the UK, the United States, etc. The rest of Nisha Group focuses on recruiting in Israel.
Jacob Share 3) If I'm planning a move to Israel, how long in advance should I contact Nisha?
Sally Shiff 30-45 days, but beware that interviews are done face-to-face so you really do need to be here. Your resume will go into a database. If your qualifications match an opening, you will be contacted and an interview will be arranged.
Jacob Share 4) How important is Hebrew for Nisha recruiters?
Sally Shiff It depends. Everybody does speak English but you usually need a good command of the Hebrew language. Among other reasons, you might need to use Hebrew software at work. Start learning Hebrew.
Jacob Share 5) What should job seekers do to make it easier for a recruiter to find them a job?
Sally Shiff
  1. Have a good resume since it's the resume that will get you to the interview. Bring yours to someone who knows how to write resumes. Make it short, sweet and to the point. Keep it simple. Avoid gaps. Avoid fluff. Anything you put on the resume should be provable such as “I hired x number of people.” Don't fake anything, it will usually be discovered right away. Finally, don't be afraid to send in an English resume (in Israel, at least).
  2. Send out a cover letter expressing interest, contact information, and then followup, followup, followup. It really does help.
  3. Have reasonable expectations and don't come with the belief that you're automatically going to get the job just because you have a good resume. Try to understand the recruiter's point of view. We see 100-200 resumes a day. What have you done that would make yours stand out?
Jacob Share 6) Do you have any other recommendations?
Sally Shiff There are many good jobs to be found via word of mouth so keep networking. Also, LinkedIn is very popular with recruiters, so have a strong profile. (For that, use the Gigantic Tips Guide for Finding Jobs With LinkedIn)
Jacob Share 7) What is the strangest resume mistake that you've seen candidates make?
Sally Shiff All I'll say is that when you're giving an email on your CV, don't use an email address like “” or similar.

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  1. Todd Porter

    Being one of Nisha’s Global Partners, I’ve worked with Sally in the past. I’d recommend… (wait a minute, this sounds like it should be in Linked IN).

    All I’d add is to work with people you can trust like Sally and I’m not saying this because we graduated from the same University (Univ of Arizona)

  2. Kate B

    I can’t seem to find a way to “like” this article, but I do.

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