The system will save companies billions of dollars, estimates co-founder Nir Atsman.


This was an April Fools' joke in 2012:

QTRecruit™ to be launched later this month after undergoing extensive beta testing for almost a year.

“We were surprised no one else discovered this first,” founder Nir Atsman says.

“We thought of calling it something trendy like ‘iRecruit' or something obvious like ‘ezRecruit', but those names have already been taken, explains Yaron Cohen, the other co-founder. And since the manpower commander in our old army unit was a cutie, we thought “cutie = qt!”

Nir and Yaron are both former soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces' world-renown Unit 8200, rumored to be (partially?) responsible for the Stuxnet virus that damaged Iranian nuclear installations in 2010. While serving in 8200, they designed QTRecruit's precursor, a system that automatically decides where in the Israeli army to place new IDF recruits.

How does it work?

“Not to get too technical,” responds Yaron, “but the system spiders the Internet, like Google, gathering information about relevant candidates for a client's open positions. In parallel, the client continuously feeds criteria into the system about the best kinds of candidates. Using some soon-to-be-patented artificial intelligence technologies and machine learning algorithms that we developed, the system learns over time how to find better candidates.”

What is the system's placement success rate?

“Over 80% and improving all the time,” says Nir. “It hasn't yet learned to predict how a good candidate will react when they have a competing offer from another company.”

What will happen to all the recruiters that will be replaced by the software?

Yaron answers “if you're a recruiter, I'm sure everything will be ok,” later adding, “you'll probably need to retrain but don't worry, there are always jobs for good people.” He also points out that QTRecruit keeps a few ex-recruiters on staff to help them keep the system up-to-date.

For more information about QTRecruit™, visit the company website at They are currently based in the Tel Aviv area.

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  1. Ravi Janardhan

    It’s interesting.

    But it’ll be long time before it starts being majorly useful, as a lot of social media/online info is either incomplete, or/and irrelevant.

    In the best case, it helps recruiters a lot in machanical part of the job called ‘sourcing profiles’.

    Wishing QT team good luck!

  2. george verdolaga

    Doesn’t sound like a promising scenario for recruiters does it? Oh, well… there’s always a game changer that emerges that wipes out previous game changers. Think of how email made the fax machine obsolete. And now Facebook is slowly replacing email as the primary means for communication. We all just have to keep up.

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