In Part 1 of this podcast interview, Nat Gordon explains what really is the hardest part about finding a job in Israel.

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Nat Gordon of Marksman International PersonnelIf you'd like to find out more about the podcast before listening, read on.

Nat Gordon

Nat Gordon is Israel's best known recruiter specializing in jobs for English speakers, having founded Marksman International Personnel in 1982.

I recently sat down with Nat in his Ramat Gan offices, and had a fun chat with him in this wide-ranging interview. With almost 68 minutes of insight in total from Nat, I decided to split this podcast into 2 parts:

  • Part 1 here mostly covers recruiting and job search for English speakers in Israel.
  • Part 2 deals more with general job search tips, and will arrive for you one week from today.

Highlights of Part 1

  • History of recruiting in Israel
  • Regulations for being a recruitment consultant in Israel
  • How Marksman grew from first being based on his mother's balcony
  • Some kinds of jobs for English speakers that are in demand in Israel today
  • A common problem many new Israeli job seekers have, and how Marksman helps deal with it
  • Why some people become “job hoppers”
  • What makes recruiting harder in today's fast-moving Internet world
  • The 4 skills that can help you get almost any job
  • Why the number of English-based jobs in Israel are growing, both for younger and older job seekers

Have any favorite moments in the show? Anything to suggest for future podcasts? Tell us in the comments below.

MP3 Download

Download the MP3 [ 36 Minutes – 34 MB ]

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