Loïc Le Meur Welcomes Us to LeWeb3Loïc Le Meur has just jumped on stage to the vibes of Fatboy Slim. A bit late, but the loud applause shows how happy people are to be here.

A bit rushed, no doubt from the excitement, he talks about the name change from LesBlogs to LeWeb; the world has changed a lot in 3 years and blogs are now just another part of the Web.

Big surprise announcement – Shimon Peres will be here tomorrow morning to talk about Politics, Peace and the Internet.

@edit: Loic has issued a challenge to France's presidential candidates to join Shimon Peres in discussing Politics and the Internet tomorrow morning.

Jacob Share

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  2. Kate B

    I think I just read the very first Jobmob post.

  3. Jacob Share

    Kate- you’re right. Everyone has to start somewhere. It would have been nice to start with a bang instead of a whimper, though 🙂

  4. Kate


    The fact that you have kept this blog going for such a long time is amazing! Just think, the first year you ran the JGBC, there were just 6 entries. When I joined in the second year, there were only 10! Now, you have to cap it at 25 entries and they are all just superb in every way. That, my friend, is just one sign of success.

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