To celebrate his one-year anniversary of blogging, Rishi has created his One Year Anniversary group writing contest for bloggers to imagine what their blogs will resemble in 12 months. So…

1 Year From Now, What Will JobMob Look Like?

I keep a list of ideas that is updated all the time, and you and the rest of the JobMob Community have been great at giving me feedback that also gets on the list.

Black JobMob Logo

Here are some of the ideas for the future:

  1. A redesigned blog theme
  2. A job listing feed
  3. Additional bloggers
  4. More contests
  5. Job search tools

If you have anything to recommend, possibly something else you'd like to see added here, please tell me.

Most Importantly

Everything in the list above is a means towards the same goal of helping as many people as possible find jobs. In that guise, we'll continue trying to grow the JobMob Community as much as possible and for that I hope you'll be there.

Remember, the more you help, the more you can get helped.

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