13 years! JobMob was officially launched on the first day of Spring in 2007.

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13 years is a long time to be doing the same thing, but it never starts out that way.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into back when my first blog post went up in December 2006.

That first article was terrible, it wasn't even about job search and I'm not linking to it here because it's not an interesting read. However, I haven't deleted it because it was really important for me-

Every journey starts with a first step, and without it, there's no journey.

We're all guilty of this: I blogged a few years ago about starting a JobMob YouTube channel and it still hasn't happened. If I had started that channel even a year ago, who knows where it would be today…

You can drive yourself crazy looking back at what could have been, but it's no way to run your life.

I prefer to take my lumps, learn my lessons and move on towards the best that's yet to come.

I may start the JobMob YouTube channel this coming year, we'll see. If I don't, I clearly had more important priorities.

Either way, I'm looking forward to celebrating again with you here on JobMob one year from now.

🤝 Lonely on the job search? Come hangout at JOSH

Over its 13 years, JobMob has seen many ups and downs.

The blog continued through wars while under rocket fire, past a miscarriage, beyond births and deaths in the family… but this is the first time we've been hit with a pandemic.

Job search loneliness is tough during normal times, and something I've suffered from too, but it has been taken to a whole other level with coronavirus quarantine, and social distancing now a thing in more than 150 countries.

In 😷 15 Ideas For Job Seekers To Do While Lonely in Coronavirus Quarantine, I explained that a key to chasing away that lonely feeling is regular, interactive contact with other people, so let's hang out together online.

I'm inviting you to a Zoom online video chat this coming Monday, which I'm calling a “Job Search Online Hangout with Jacob Share & other experts” or JOSH for short.

I'll host the chat together with Hannah Morgan of Careersherpa.net to help me out in answering your questions.

The chat will go on for 30-40 minutes, enough time for a bunch of people to get advice, resume feedback or whatever you need, while still hopefully a short enough call that you don't get bored.

This first JOSH will be very informal, with no dedicated topic and not much structure. If no one joins us, it may also be the last JOSH, but what it won't be, is a waste of time.

Every journey starts with a first step.

Here are the details to add to your calendar

Time: March 23rd, 2020 at 8:30 PM Israel Standard Time (click here to check your local time)

There's NO registration for this chat. When it's time, simply visit the link to join the Zoom chat.

You can join in the chat using any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer that has an Internet connection.

You'll be able to ask or comment on anything over text chat or video chat, so we can see you too.

Whether you have a job search question or just want to say hi, it would be great to meet you online.

Look forward to seeing you!

🙏 Thank you

Thank you for 13 amazing years.

Thank you for reading and sharing JobMob articles with others.

Thank you for voting in polls, commenting, asking questions and sending over feedback of all kinds, especially constructive criticism.

Thank you for contributing whenever I've asked, such as sending in quotes for articles.

And thank you to JobMob sponsors for helping make JobMob possible through 13 years and counting.

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  1. Nigel

    I am really grateful for the advice you give and the way you connect with all your followers.

    1. Jacob Share

      I appreciate that, Nigel. Thank you back 👍

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