Which ideas will go mainstream in 2011 and change your job search?

Every December, the J Walter Thompson (JWT) marcom agency tries to imagine 100 things that will become popular in the new year.

It's a fascinating list and I thought it would be interesting to highlight the ideas that could impact job search in 2011 and beyond.

Each idea's number corresponds to its place in JWT's slideshow, which you can watch at the bottom of this article.

3D-printed rainbow teapots1. 3D Printing

Engineering & designer candidates will be able to show off their work like never before.

5. Auto Apps

Synch job interview coordinates with your car and improve your chances of avoiding traffic and getting there on time.

6. Automatic Check-Ins

HR will automatically know once you've arrived, saving time for you both.

9. Banner Ads Do More

Intelligent job wanted banner ads + your LinkedIn profile = 1-click job applications?

Brigadeiro15. Brigadeiro

This candy looks like fried brains but if it's as good as JWT seems to think, you'll make a great impression on job seekers and recruiters for sharing some at job fairs & networking events.

20. Costlier Cotton

Make sure your job search wardrobe is stocked now because shirts are going to get more expensive.

25. Digital Downtime

As we spend more and more time on social media, it'll be more important than ever to ‘unplug' and spend time away from your computer screen to clear your head and get inspired. I usually get my best ideas when thinking of something else, don't you?

26. Digital Etiquette

If you're checking email DURING a job interview, you should stop. And I mean that if you're a recruiter too.

Indoor maps27. Digital Indoor Maps

Auto Apps might help you get to the job interview site, but these will make sure you get to the job interview room.

29. East London Tech City

One of the world's most famous cities is building its own Silicon Valley, and 5 massive companies like Google are moving in. Hires? There will be many.

31. Electronic Profiling

Behavioral interviews will never be the same, with interviewers watching you on a whole new level.

33. Facebook Alternatives

I can just hear it now- “Ugh. Yet another social network to be on?”

43. Ignorance Is Bliss

With more and more information about you available online, more and more people will take a care-free attitude to online reputation management. Or rather, will ever more likely ignore the calls (from people like me) telling them they should care.

51. Micro-Businesses

As the cost of living rises faster than salaries, more people will look for ways to earn cash on the side. If you do it wisely, your micro-business could even replace your job (search).

54. The Nail Polish Economy

As people stay unemployed longer, they'll look for cheaper pick-me-ups than in the past.

Near field communication56. Near Field Communication

Forget to bring a copy of your resume to the job fair? No problem. Just swipe your cellphone near an NFC-aware printer and it will print it for you on the spot.

59. Next-Generation Documentarians

Film a documentary of your career, put it on YouTube, attract employers looking for people like you.

62. Objectifying Objects

As most resumes are now transmitted digitally, will having a physical, paper one make you stand out?

64. Older Workforce

Workers retiring later = less turnover for younger (not necessarily ‘young') job seekers to fill = more unemployed, unless the economy can grow enough.

67. Personal Taste Graphs

Companies will use these as another way to screen candidates.

75. Scanning Everything

Employers could issue personal, unique barcodes to each employee that you could embed in your resume to prove you actually worked there.

81. Social Browsers Go Mainstream

Job search with friends has never been easier.

82. Social Networking Surveillance

Ignorance may be bliss for some people (#43 above) but your employers and employers-to-be will put ever more effort in checking online who you are before sending an interview invite.

83. Social Objects

Job seekers can show off their skills by placing these in particularly relevant places where only a certain kind of person would find them.

93. Transmedia Producers

A new profession, or at least, a standard name for what many people were already doing but were at a loss to describe.

97. Video Calling

Recruiters will take sneak peak interviews over the phone to see (pun intended) if you're worth inviting to a full-blown interview.

Watch the full slideshow here:

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  2. sabrina

    Jacob, we posted your list of the ’25 Things to Watch in 2001 for Job Search” on our Vizibility Twitter page. This is a fun article on the many new innovate ways that technology is going to be implemented in the future of our job search.

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  4. Kate

    3-D printing certainly did go mainstream in 2011.

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