Keep these handy to save time when you're actively job hunting.

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I love cheat sheets… when they're well done 😉.

I like to print them out and post them right beside my desk, or keep them in a pinned browser tab, so I can quickly glance over whenever I need to.

Depending on which aspect of your job search you need help with, there's something in this long list of cheat sheets and “cheat infographics” that you'll like.

The list is divided into the following categories for quicker browsing. Click a link to jump to a category:

  1. Career Success
  2. Social Media & Personal Branding
  3. Job Fairs & Networking
  4. Cover Letters
  5. Resumes
  6. Job Interviews
  7. Salary Negotiation
  8. Humor


Career Success

1) The One-Page Career Cheat Sheet

the one page career cheat sheet

2) The Best Careers For Your Personality Type Cheat Sheet

the best careers for your personality type cheat sheet

3) Your 90-Day Game Plan For Career Success Cheat Sheet

your 90 day game plan for career success cheat sheet

4) The AP cheatsheet: New job or new career?

the ambition plan cheat sheet

5) Career strategy: Professional Objectives Cheat Sheet

career strategy professional objectives cheat sheet_001

career strategy professional objectives cheat sheet_002

Social Media & Personal Branding

6) How To Design Your Personal Brand Image In 10 Steps Cheat Sheet

how to design your personal brand image in 10 steps cheat sheet

7) Social Platform Cheat Sheet

360i social platform cheat sheet

8) The Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

the ultimate linkedin cheat sheet

the ultimate linkedin cheat sheet 5

the ultimate linkedin cheat sheet 6

9) The Complete Guide to Twitter Lingo Cheat Sheet

the complete guide to twitter lingo cheat sheet

10) Google Product Manager Interview Cheat Sheet

google product manager interview cheat sheet


11) The Best Jobs for Every Personality Type

The Best Jobs for Every Personality Type

Job Fairs & Networking

12) Mastering the Art of a Career Fair Cheat Sheet

mastering the art of a career fair cheat sheet

13) Your Elevator Pitch Cheat Sheet

your elevator pitch cheat sheet

Cover Letters

14) City of Parkland Job Seekers Cheat Sheet

cityofparkland job seekers cheat sheet

15) Lisa-Marie's Resume and Cover Letter Cheat Sheet

lisa maries resume and cover letter cheat sheet

16) The Only Cover Letter Cheat Sheet You'll Ever Need

the only cover letter cheat sheet youll ever need

17) Tips to Write an Exceptional Cover Letter Cheat Sheet

tips to write an exceptional cover letter cheat sheet

18) Cheat Sheet: The Cover Letter



19) Transferable Skills Checklist

transferable skills checklist

20) SnagaJob Resume Cheat Sheet

snagajob resume cheat sheet

21) Business News Daily Resume Cheat Sheet

businessnewsdaily resume cheat sheet

22) Resume Cheat Sheet: 222 Action Verbs To Use In Your New Resume

resume cheat sheet 222 action verbs to use in your new resume

23) How to write a resume…

how to write a resume cheat sheet

24) How to Make Your Resume One in a Million

how to make your resume one in a million cheat sheet


Job Interviews

📓 35+ Free Cheat Sheets On Every Job Search Topic

25) GiveAGradAGo Interview Tips and Advice Prep Pack

giveagadago interview prep pack

26) Your All-in-One Interview Prep Guide

dailymuse interview cheat sheet

27) Your Pre-Interview Guide

your pre-interview guide cheat sheet

28) Interviewing Etiquette

interviewing etiquette cheat sheet

29) 10 Good Body Language Examples to Use in Presentations

10 good body language examples to use in presentations

30) Job Interview Cheat Sheet: Master Your First Impression

job interview cheat sheet master your first impression

31) Interview Questions 

interview questions cheat sheet

32) Landing the job: Secrets to a successful job interview

secrets to a successful job interview cheat sheet

33) The Interview Guys’ Master List Of 200+ Job Interview Questions

The-Interview-Guys-Master-List-Of-200-Interview-Questions_001 cheat sheet

The-Interview-Guys-Master-List-Of-200-Interview-Questions_002 cheat sheet

The-Interview-Guys-Master-List-Of-200-Interview-Questions_003 cheat sheet

The-Interview-Guys-Master-List-Of-200-Interview-Questions_004 cheat sheet

The-Interview-Guys-Master-List-Of-200-Interview-Questions_005 cheat sheet

The-Interview-Guys-Master-List-Of-200-Interview-Questions_006 cheat sheet

The-Interview-Guys-Master-List-Of-200-Interview-Questions_007 cheat sheet

34) Interview Prep Cheat Sheet

small-revolution-interview cheat sheet

35) Job Interview Cheat Sheet


Salary Negotiation

36) Salary Tutor Negotiation Cheat Sheet

salary tutor negotiation cheat sheet


37) Resume Keywords Cheat Sheet

resume keyword cheat sheet

Bonus: Freelancer cheat sheet

38) How to Calculate Your Freelance Hourly Rate

How to Calculate Your Freelance Hourly Rate

39) Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Land A Digital Marketing Job

your ultimate cheat sheet to land a digital marketing job cheat sheet

More job search and human resources cheat sheets

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  1. Victoria (Vicky) Driver

    I know many like Info graphics vs. tips sheets that require extensive reading. As is often the case many ideas and tips are a matter of opinion although I concede that with a quick viewing I did not see too much that I disagreed with with the possible exception of elevator speeches. Evidently that is a difficult concept and I only occasionally hear one that peaks my interest. It is a topic that is often discussed and clearly needs career industry experts to develop commonly accepted guidelines including examples tied to various wok sectors

    1. Jacob Share

      Good point, Vicky. It’s easier to make a cheat sheet that works when there’s best practice consensus. Sometimes though, the author would do a better job to target more specifically because some practices work better in a given industry.

  2. Laurie P Rinker

    Thank you Jacob; this is great material. And how very generous of you!

  3. SARA

    Great content here, Jacob. I will definitely use it personally and for my career prep workshops.

    Thank you!

    1. Jacob Share

      You’re welcome, Sara. I’d be curious to hear what kind of feedback you get about these during your workshops.

  4. Sara

    Got great feedback. Thanks again!

  5. Sara

    I noticed in the Kickresume infographic Office Job there is a typo – “Administreted”. I guess not everyone working in an office job is detail-oriented!

    1. Jacob Share

      Too funny, Sara! Good eye. Maybe Kickresume need better proofreaders…

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