Local Internet Entrepreneur Barak Hullman of IncomeIsrael.com has opened a class in Jerusalem where he teaches you how to create revenue that's unlimited by the number of hours you work.

E-business Training CourseThe E-Business Training Course

In the 8 weekly sessions, you'll cover 8 keys to running your successful Internet business:

  1. How to pick a business for online.
  2. How to sell on eBay.
  3. Understanding the technical aspects of web pages and site management.
  4. Learn how to outsource work & Payment processing and shopping carts.
  5. Sales techniques for selling online.
  6. How to advertise your site with Google Adwords.
  7. How to use other marketing techniques.
  8. Overview of the principals of Think and Grow Rich.

Barak and I are working on an unrelated venture together and I've gotten to know him well. He's a talented speaker with years of online profits and real-life stories. You'll feel that if he had success, you will too.

Head on over to IncomeIsrael for a class demonstration video clip and sign-up information.

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