If networking is arguably the most effective way to find a job, JibberJobber might be the most effective way to grow your network, as Jason Alba explains in this podcast interview.

Jason AlbaJason Alba is CEO of JibberJobber and Gold Sponsor of the 4th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest, where the top 5 finalists will win a free year of JibberJobber Premium (there's a free version too).

While a good chunk of our discussion discusses JibberJobber, we also touched upon some networking insights that are definitely worth listening for.

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If you'd like to find out more about the podcast before listening, read on.

Podcast highlights

JibberJobber logo

  • A cute story about how Jason and I met online i.e. how a blogger can get a busy person's attention
  • Why Jason created JibberJobber
  • How to get started with JibberJobber for best results
  • Key tip: How to make it easy for other people to help you on your job search
  • What you should do on JibberJobber every day to best grow your network
  • Why this is true: “You find your job leads from your 3rd & 4th degree contacts, not your 1st & 2nd”
  • One of the common mistakes that Jason also made in his last job search
  • How JibberJobber lets you network effectively
  • Jason's favorite JibberJobber features (hint: timesavers)
  • How JibberJobber can help you prepare you for live, real-world networking events as well
  • Why JibberJobber may actually be more useful for older, more experienced job seekers

If you've never heard it before, ‘eating your own dog food' is a programming expression that Jason uses and which refers to programmers also using the software that they created for others.

Here's a quick walkthrough of JibberJobber from Jason himself:

Thank you, Jason

A big hearty thank you to Jason Alba and JibberJobber for being the sole Gold Sponsor of the 4th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest.

Here's the download link again to listen in. If you have any favorite moments in the show, tell us in the comments below.

MP3 Download

Download the MP3 [ 37 Minutes – 19 MB ]

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  2. Jason Alba

    Jacob, thanks for the opportunity to sponsor the contest and spread my passion, which is to help people become empowered in their job search and their career management 🙂

    – jason

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