The freelancers' union push continues while olim employees work nights for Israel's virtual casinos. Plus, some insight to how JobMob is produced.

Freelancers' Union, the Making Of

Globes' English website, Globes Online, is reporting that the freelancers' union is moving forward.

Globes OnlineLaura Goldman's recent column explains how she inadvertently kicked off this new movement with an older article of hers in that same newspaper.

Laura explains how the reaction was overwhelming due to Israeli companies exploiting people by forcing them into freelancer roles to get the same results as employees without having to pay for benefits.

No one wants or deserves to be exploited, but there are better ways to respond to this old phenomenon.

New Immigrants Ante Up With Their Time

Jerusalem PostThe Jerusalem Post is reporting how many online gambling companies expand operations abroad by hiring multilingual olim workers. The olim are only too happy to take these jobs in their mother tongue in an attempt to ease their transition to life in Israel.

When I made aliya in 1998, I definitely would have taken one of these positions given the choice. However, if people stay in those roles for too long and don't go to ulpan (intensive Hebrew school) in parallel, they may feel trapped in those jobs later on.

How JobMob is Blogged Regularly

A blogging friend of mine, Pete Aldin of A Great Circle, asked me to participate in a guest blogging project of his about ‘how I won the war on…'. My article discusses 7 killer tips to daily blogging in minimum time.

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