Over on the Digital Eve Israel discussion list, Chani asked 2 questions:

Question #1

Not seeking “professional” advice from the list, however I would like to know if anyone can direct me to good information on salary ranges in the area of paralegal and administrative work?

Israeli Paralegal Salary Information

  1. Israemploy's Salary Survey – a useful table, this salary survey is open to anyone. I like that the salary numbers are estimated monthly and hourly.
  2. Check Compare: The People's Salary Survey – a Hebrew site, CheckCompare allows anyone to submit their earnings and corresponding qualifications. Although some legal positions are listed, the site is mostly hitech-oriented. It was first mentioned on JobMob in the report about Jacob Richman's 2007 CJI Salary Survey Results (a good read, but also with a hitech angle).

Question #2

Has anyone worked in these areas or otherwise able to provide personal insights as to discussing this topic during interview?

Salary Negotiation Tips

Although it would save a lot of time if employers came right out and told you in the first interview how much they've budgeted for your job, that rarely happens no matter how many interviews you do with them. On the other hand, you will probably be asked for your salary requirements towards the end of that first interview, so know what to answer by doing your homework with help from the sites above.

Although also hitech-oriented (sorry, the Internet does tilt that way often), this article on negotiation tips is an easy read and you'll see that by far most of the tips are still useful for your non-hitech profession as well.

Otherwise, if you have some paralegal or administrative experience in Israel or anything else to add for Chani, please share your knowledge and advice in the comments below.

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  1. Chani

    Thank you, Jacob. The information suggested is already proving useful, and I look forward to learning more. ~Chani

  2. mayreese green

    i was wondering how much would a paralegal would make and a year because i in college and i’am studying and law to become a paralegal and i think that i should at least know how much i am making a year

  3. Kate

    What a tough job.

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