Of the 5 times that I've had to look for a job, only once was I forced into that position as a result of someone else's (poor 🙂 ) decision making. That makes a big difference.

If you choose to switch jobs or careers, you likely have a good reason for doing so and are optimistic about the future.

However, if your term is ‘cut short', feelings of failure and regret come easily even if the end came under the guise of downsizing or outsourcing as in the case of my last employer.

Nimrod Bar @ Tharongla Pass

The sense of unfinished business and the lack of anticipation can weigh on your attitude as you begin the search for your next workplace, and those sentiments can be difficult to shake off but shake them off you must!

I've known people who, after being unemployed for more than a year, still have not come to terms with their last ‘breakup'. Almost definitely not unrelated to their prolonged job search…

How do you motivate yourself to look for work?

What do you do to keep your spirits up during that upward climb?

What do you tell yourself that propels you forward through thick and thin? When I have an interview that ultimately goes nowhere, I like to think of all the famous actors whom I've heard talk about how many dozens of auditions they persisted through until they got their first big break.

What about you? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. A. spanier

    compromise!!!!!! compromise!!!!!! compromise!!!!!!
    Compromise, is the name of the game! If I can’t find a job for along time (long time >= six month). Since I don’t wont to be in “Self-Blame/Depress”. I would take a job even if it less fit to my skill and experience! At least I would have a job and in the future I hopefully managed to find more suitable job!

  2. JacobShare

    That’s a good suggestion. You also hint at something interesting in that some companies won’t be impressed by how long it took you to find work, and will feel more comfortable knowing that you haven’t been on the job market too long. However, this article explains that you still shouldn’t lose confidence if the job search seems to be dragging on. It all depends on how wisely you’re spending your time.

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