People and Computers is mounting the 5th version of their hitech job fair in Tel Aviv.

The local industry is so hot right now that Israeli tech companies are struggling to hire people.

Even if you already have a job but are curious about better opportunities

, sign up now.

PC's Hitech Job Fair


This hitech job fair is for job seekers in the following professions:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Team & Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Hardware & Mechanical Engineering
  • Informational Security
  • Aeronautics


At the job fair, you’ll find 20+ companies from across the Israeli hitech industry.

In past years, between 1000-1200 people visited the 1-day event, and hundreds have already signed up according to Yafit at the People and Computers Events Desk.

Entry to the fair is free.


Dan Panorama Tel Aviv Hotel
Charles Clore Park
Tel Aviv
Tel: 03 519 0190
Directions & Map (only works in Internet Explorer)


Monday, December 24th, 8:30am – 4pm.


  • Get feedback about your resume
  • Stock up on free pens
  • Network with other job seekers and JobMobbers

Another good reason to go to the fair is because 2 other free conferences are taking place on the same day at the same hotel and they might interest you too:

  1. SMB07 – the hitech conference for small and medium-sized businesses
  2. BI@World07 – a conference about business intelligence

Here's a complete list of People and Computers' upcoming conferences for your calendar.

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  1. Hessel

    The job fair was interesting. I did not get the impression that the companies were there to hire, but rather to pick up cvs. Also possibly some rare skills that they were seeking that happened to be at the fair.

  2. Jacob Share

    Thanks for that, Hessel. I was wondering if anyone went. Did you notice if the companies sent HR people? If they didn’t or if the teams were only 1-2 people, then you’re probably right.

    How many people would you say attended? Would you go again?

  3. Hessel

    I was there for about an hour, having arrived at about 09h30. There were about 50 people milling around, not including the ‘company stalls’ with their people. It was very Hebrew intensive and at one stage the three English people (I was one of them) huddled together for support.

    I spoke to almost all the companies. They all asked for a cv, either hard copy or to be emailed. They handed out the free pens and other gimmicks as you predicted. The teams were at least two people and some companies had up to four. After a while I decided to ask some of them to talk in English but even then the communication was not great. I did not feel that the companies were serious about the fair in that they were actively looking for people. A strange comment, but that is was my gut feel. I am not only talking about my skills but even generally. If you think about it, if you are a hot shot Java or .Net programmer and you have a good job, why would you take off a few hours to go to a job fair?

    Having said all that, I personally found it extremely useful for a number of reasons:
    I have a list of companies for follow up,
    I have a reason to email them in that I can say I met them at the fair,
    I was able to be ‘interviewed’ by a number of different companies in a short space of time,
    I found out what to put on my cv based on the questions that I was asked,
    I got an idea of the importance of language and being able to communicate briefly as everyone was very short of time.

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