Ha'aretz has kept Israelis informed since 1918. Almost 90 years later, their websites give you job news but not much else to help you find jobs in Israel.


English or Hebrew?

Ha'aretz's English language website can be found at Ha'aretz.com. There's a Business section that contains the occasional article about the Israeli job market but is otherwise much more focused on run of the mill economic news.

Ha'aretz's Hebrew language website is at Ha'aretz.co.il. Unlike the English site, there's no Business section. Instead you're given links to TheMarker's website, another member of the Ha'aretz Group.

TheMarker logoWhat is TheMarker?

TheMarker is arguably Israel's leading Hebrew business magazine.

Although TheMarker's homepage seems to be overloaded with more flashing ads than Times Square, there are some interesting links for Israeli job seekers:

TheMarker also has a dedicated section for careerists and job seekers called Kariera (קריירה).

Kariera is somewhat useful and I'm being nice. In addition to the charts and calculators above, there are also some resources sprinkled among the job market news articles:

  • In the left sidebar is a small form to search for job listings on the Hitechjob job board (there's also a link to that site from TheMarker's difficult-to-read footer links)
  • Also on the left are links to search results on the Israeli Yellow Pages (דפי זהב) website to help you find placement agencies, career coaches, etc.
  • A link to Luach Ha'ir, another job board from the Ha'aretz Group.
  • An rss feed if you'd like to receive Kariera's articles in your feed reader.
  • Finally and of course, there's the Ha'aretz Group's own want-ads.

What's not to like?

Not enough innovation. Someone at TheMarker probably thinks that an RSS feed means they have a state-of-the-art website. I'd like to at least see some personalization.

Too many ads. TheMarker's pages are constantly flashing, blinking and annoying to the point where they're just stressful on the eyes. Almost as bad is the fact that if you leave a page untouched for long enough, it will reload with a big ad for a few seconds before returning to where you were. Everyone has to pay the bills but it doesn't need to be so painful.

Lack of English! As bad as the situation is for Hebrew readers, there's almost nothing of interest for English job seekers.

Wrap Up

Ha'aretz has the news and may have information you need, but until they find better ways to get it to you over the Internet, continue your online Israeli job search elsewhere.

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  1. josh

    Globes is the premier Israeli financial daily primarily geared toward business minded people. There might be the odd ‘classified’ add laced into the paper, otherwise, there is a once-a-week anorexic insert which lists job opps and jobs wanted, mostly executive positions. Likewise, it is not geared and does not seem to be marketed to the regular Joseph on the street. Nothing snobby, just don’t expect to find many comparision charts on buying down pillows or mp3 players.

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