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Blog Action Day 2009

Take the green job search quiz

1) You're filling in a paper job application. Do you:

a) Use a non-electric pencil.
b) Use a pen with a rechargeable battery.
c) Dip a quill in organic ink you made using chlorophyll and cinnamon shavings.

Answer: This was a trick question. You don't want to work for a company that would chop down trees for their recruitment process.

2) So now you're trolling the online job listings instead. Do you:

a) Only use black-background job boards so your computer monitor saves electricity.
b) Only use “green” job boards because even if they're free, you're sure that everything they do is in sync with nature.
c) Turn off your environmental hazard of a computer and only apply to companies that use bamboo-based application forms.

Answer: ok, this was another trick question. a) or b) are good but only if you use a solar-powered computer.

3) You're invited to a job interview at a company out-of-town. Do you:

a) Refuse to go because of the potential eco-harm caused by airplane exhaust.
b) Hitch-hike your way, but only with hybrid cars.
c) Take the nearest regional all-electric train line.

Answer: a). I suppose *your* city has an all-electric train line but mine doesn't.

4) When traveling to a local job interview, do you:

a) Get in your Hummer and floor it whenever you can
b) Strap on a helmet and hop on your banana bike
c) Walk. A little exercise never hurt anyone.

Answer: c). No matter whether the interview is in your town or another, just walk there.

5) In the job interview, you're asked what your biggest failing is. You reply:

a) “Not having measured my carbon footprint since I learned to count”
b) “Enjoying a daily glass of organic chocolate milk from non-grass-fed cows”
c)  “Being too concerned about the environment”

Answer: gift question! I would have accepted any answer.

6) Your job interviewer asks for a reference letter. Which one do you give?

a) The letter from your eco-conscious high school Music Teacher
b) The email from your stock option-wielding ex-boss at the renewable energy startup
c) The handwritten note from your hemp-wearing brother or sister

Answer: b). Duh. Why would an interviewer want a reference letter from your brother or sister?

Last question…

7) A company has offered a job. Before you accept, you want to make sure they meet your eco-concerns  as you tour their offices. Of all the things you see there, which one makes you happiest?

a) The parking lot is filled not with cars but with Segways and skateboards.
b) The fruits in their cafeteria were grown on reforested land.
c) All toilet water is recycled for use by the nightly cleaning crews.

Answer: does it matter at this point? A job offer! Yippee!

Non-sarcastic tips about working green that you can apply on your job search

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