Are you a job seeker in Northern Israel or know someone who is? SQLink Group’s gotfriends? job referral program is finally ready for you.

Reminder: gotfriends? pays you a commission for sending them CVs of people they eventually hire.

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gotfriends? job referral

After covering hitech jobs, financial positions, executive-level missions and others, gotfriends? now has a “jobs in the North” page.

Initially, the list is almost exclusively hitech-oriented.

In typical center of the country-minded fashion, the page opens with the question “do you have friends who live in the Far North? Say…Haifa?”

Cute. I’m sure that Haifa dwellers love that shtick.


gotfriends? has also introduced recently a new service where they pay out commissions for leads. In this case, a lead is a business opportunity with a new client for gotfriends? parent SQLink Group.

How does it work?

Once you’ve logged in to the gotfriends? site (it’s free to join), you fill out the gotfriends? leads submission form with the information of the company that might be interested in SQLink Group’s services. If a contract is signed, you earn a commission. The values range between NIS 1500 – 2500 depending on the kind of service SQLink is requiring.

The commission amounts are ok, but some of these contracts are worth much, much more. If the program works, hopefully we’ll see higher commissions or amounts that are tied to a small percentage of the contract value.

Sarcasm above aside, it’s good to see Elad Daniel and his team continue to innovate their recruitment methods.

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  1. Ron Spinner

    I am glad that the north is getting more attention. I can testify that it is hard for my office to find qualified English writers in our neck of the woods.

  2. dan winer

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