Funny Ikea Job Interview Cartoon

Funny Ikea Job Interview Cartoon

Ever wonder what happens when you get to the Ikea job interview?

ikea job interview cartoon

Canary Pete is a Belgian cartoon artist. If you follow current events, a lot of his comics are easy to understand even with the Flemish.

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Aussie Pete Aldin says

Laugh out loud.

I mean, lol. You know you’ve got a great cartoonist when it is funny globally.

David Zinger says

I love the cartoon and know if I can just insert part a into the socket in part b to form section 1.

jacob says

Absolutely Pete. Universal humor is often the best kind. And since we all have Ikea stores near us… 🙂

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Rita says

Must be an interview with Ikea!

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Michael Freitag says

haha xD

Marion Dorn says

And here I am an 84 year old widow in Florida whose a big fan of Ikea…….
Very funny….

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Kate says

My favourite one is the search for mattress testers.

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kjloncle says

Loved it, shared it on LinkedIn to my connections!

    Jacob Share says

    Glad you liked it, Kathryn 👍

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