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Nowadays, many of us google a question when we have one. Other people find sifting through search results to be slow, annoying, painstaking even, and prefer a more structured, old school style of looking up information. Regardless of which camp you're in, thanks to Igor Olikh you may be able to have your cake and eat it too.

Introducing JobPost.co.il

Igor is a senior web developer working in Israel at the local branch of MyThings. In his spare time, he launched a website called JobPost. As he explains it-

“Many years ago when I was looking for my first job in Israel I built an internet spider to run through Israeli sites (placement companies, outsourcing etc.) and gather the data you see today on my RussianGeek site. I wanted to collect this information for my private use but a friend of mine suggested that I build a new site using this and several other new ideas.

Hence, I built JobPost. My old data with the spider is located now on the main page and there are some new services, like: sending your CV, placement companies' data, Israeli companies and in a few days I am planning to open a new feature (all hitech Israeli companies with options for comments, opinions etc.). I built this site for people to use for free and I really hope it helps people to find new jobs.”

Some kinks are still being ironed out as Igor finds time to make progress but JobPost is already a valuable resource for the Israeli job seeker.

2 best features

2 particularly interesting features are the White Pages-like directory of Israeli companies and the bulk CV mailer.

The former is what you'd expect, and is a useful time-saver to avoid corporate websites that have buried address information.

The latter is a controversial tool; Todd Porter of H.T. Prof Israel recently recommended against resume blasting here on JobMob and that is exactly what JobPost's Send CV feature is for (with convenient region and industry domain filters). Use with caution, but if you do, tell us about it in the comments.

Thank you Igor, and keep up the good work!

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  1. Leonid

    Very useful website. I heard of heaps of people using it.
    Way to go Igor!

  2. JacobShare

    I hope so too, Leonid. If you know of anyone like that, can you send them here so we can get some more opinions?

  3. ahmad

    looking to find job in israel , im ahmad from jordan studied computer engineering in ukraine i like to work in israel

  4. hliza cristian

    My name is Cristian i have 28 years old and i live in Romania my dream is to work in Israel , my experience it is mechanical , welder , agent cleaner in hotel ,care assistent please guide my at a firm for visa or an employment contract thnak and have a nice day

  5. amio

    i want to work in israel ! can any one help me !!!!

  6. Robinah Mwandu

    Iam requesting you to allow me to come and do the work of volunteer and preaching.

  7. daryl

    I’m a pure chinese born here in philippines, 25 years old 5’11 work as a property Agent, I can speak Mandarin, fukien, tagalog, ilocano, fluent in english, and little hebrew, I would like to become a chinese tour guide in Israel. I heard there is a demand for my skills hope you can help! I love Israel it’s always in my dream. I also know a lot about Torah and observe shabbath, have not eaten pork and other unclean animals for 3 years now. Shalom!

  8. Mohan sunuwar

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am from Nepal, My name is Mohan Sunuwar. Now I am working in HongKong since 1998.I am interested to work in Israel. If any opportunity to work in Israel i would be much appreciate you. Thank you.

  9. Simon Mburu Njuguna

    Dear sir/madam
    I am from kenya ,my name is Simon Mburu.Now working in kenya in the construction industry(Roads)since 2009.Am interested in working in israel . If any opportunity arises i would be much happy and appreciate you . Thanks you .


    Hi i am from Greece and i am looking for job in Israel. I am a cameraman and i have experience in security cameras too. My email is asimaiakis@yahoo.gr

  11. Godwin Atainyene

    My name Is Godwin Atainyene please I love to work in Israel in a sound firm…I have skiled in shoe sander making and also have I gotten a work experience in UAE the United Arab Emirate.worked in one of the five stars hotel in UAE…am sound and fit please if there anybody who can help me with an employment visa into Israel may God bless he or she..this my contact +2348131649313 email.godwinproperson@gmail.com. Godwinpropersom@yahoo.com please I need help the arab world are not favouring the worker we are been ysed as slaves..am back to my country help me please

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