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In the past few days, The Jerusalem Post has had 2 interesting articles about the Israeli job market.

Only 1 in 5 female immigrants finds suitable work

The article's claims are particularly (but not only) for female olim from the Former Soviet Union (FSU), especially those over the age of 40. The key tip is that the quicker you learn Hebrew, the faster you'll increase your chances of finding work in your field of expertise. We've discussed the importance of Hebrew before.

The other point is that veteran Israelis still have a hard time accepting immigrants into society. While true, most people would agree that intolerance has gone down significantly since the mid-'90s when the major waves of FSU immigrants first arrived. What do you think?

Local job market ripe for the taking

This second article has better news. Based on the number of advertised job openings, the past few months have seen almost a 20% increase in employer demand compared with the same period just one year ago, which was already a good time to be looking for work in Israel. These high levels were last reached over 2 years ago in June 2005.

It seems that almost half the open positions are for unskilled laborers, while the most sought-after employees are industrial workers, with sales and service people coming in second. Considering the number of “Help Needed” signs appearing in store windows, these results are hardly surprising and always good to hear.

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  2. Kate

    Has this situation improved at all since the post was written?

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