Tahl Wilson is an executive recruiter in Israel at Quest-HR.

Jacob Share 1) How did you get into recruiting?
Tahl Wilson After making aliyah from Chicago, going through the army and attending university here, my first “real” job in Israel was as an employment/aliyah counselor at the AACI (Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel). I then got my first taste of hi-tech as the manager of the relocation department at CPS. Today, I am at Quest-HR (formerly part of Kedumim Personnel), where I have been specializing in executive placement for almost 6 years.
Jacob Share 2) Tell us about Quest HR. What are your specialties?
Tahl Wilson We deal with all aspects of recruitment and placement in Hi-tech, Finance and Industry, from administrative level recruitment to CEO positions and our counselors are specialists in their fields. I think that what makes us different is the fact that we care about long term relationships, not just making a one-time connection. I feel that we offer something very rare. All of the recruiters have worked here for many years, some 5 years, some 7, and one for 9. We not only build relationships with candidates over time and throughout their professional careers but we also build long term relationships with the Hiring Managers at the various companies. They know who we are and respect the fact that we work in such a focused manner. They don't hear someone new on the line every time they call. They are recognized and this increases their confidence.
Jacob Share 3) Why should job seekers use you (or your company) instead of trying to contact companies directly?
Tahl Wilson I am proud to say that I really feel we make a big difference because we are proactive. We don't just send out resumes and wait for something to happen. We are in constant contact with HR departments and can back-up our recommendations. In most cases we have excellent relationships with the HR departments who know we are focused and send only good candidates so in the majority of cases the candidate will be called-in for an interview. It is then the candidate's job to “wow” the company… and of course we remain in the picture giving both sides feedback and updates.
Jacob Share 4) What is a recent trend in Israeli recruiting?
Tahl Wilson Websites which are linked to other networking groups. The companies are using as many tools as possible to reach the ideal candidate.
Jacob Share 5) Can you name one of your pet peeves as a recruiter in Israel?
Tahl Wilson Spelling mistakes on a resume, candidates who are ungrateful…
Jacob Share 6) What are the most important tips you can give people looking for jobs in Israel?
Tahl Wilson Don't be passive! It's very easy to ‘blame' the recruiter but have you called to check if your resume arrived? Have you sent in a good resume? Have you followed up? The recruiter receives hundreds of resumes everyday. It is unreasonable to expect the recruiter to get back to every person who sends a resume so make sure yours is well-presented concise, and interesting. Also network as much as possible – get in touch with people you know who have found work and might be able to help. Once you get asked in for an interview find out as much as you can about the company by going on-line and searching or talking to friends both for information and also for yourself- to see if the place is good to it's employees- pays it's salaries and keeps it's promises etc…
Jacob Share 7) What makes a resume stand out for you?
Tahl Wilson A visually balanced page or at most, two pages. The candidate should make the resume clear and concise, explaining what he has done (position held) with job description -in bullet format and where he has done it (with a small explanation of what the company specializes in (buzz words are always good to use). The resume is the candidate's first contact with the potential employer. Knowing how to write a good resume that “shows your capabilities” is very important. If for instance if you specialize in marketing strategy and your resume doesn't market you or even look good – why should a company call you in for an interview?
Jacob Share 8) In which file format do you prefer to receive candidate resumes?
Tahl Wilson Microsoft Word doc
Jacob Share 9) Can you share a memorable interview story or resume mistake?
Tahl Wilson Oftentimes candidates take the interview with the recruiter for granted as if it isn't a “real” company and don't bother to come decently dressed or they arrive late- or don't call to cancel. I can't promote something I haven't seen and my added value to you is the support I can give that gets you into the companies and out on interview.
Jacob Share 10) What do you think of this: An Open Letter to the Recruiters of the World From Job Seekers Everywhere?
Tahl Wilson This Open Letter does not take into account the changes that have taken place in the work place in the last few years. Expectations of recruiters, expectations which were reasonable once upon a time, are no longer viable. It is impossible to acknowledge every resume received. Computers have made it easy for potential candidates to mass mail every weekend whilst watching the ball game. Nobody can answer that amount of incoming mail. Candidates don't even remember where they've sent their resumes or for what positions so that when you do contact them you have to start from ‘square one'. I understand the candidates' frustrations and amongst other things have tried sending automatic replies even though I prefer to send a more personal message- when I did try automatic replies it became very frustrating as every incoming message was replied to no matter what the content, so we had to admit that this was not yet a reasonable option.

I have some other things to say as well. I put enormous efforts into finding potential employers and interesting positions which is after all, what I do, but it becomes very frustrating for me when candidates dismiss or disregard the amount of effort I have expended on their behalf. I frequently take the time to help a candidate rewrite a resume, find him formats to follow and correct where ever necessary, but I find these efforts too are taken for granted. If I set up an interview for you and you cancel or simply don't show up you make me look bad. Don't expect me to be excited about helping you the next time you are looking for a job. Why don't you let me know you have found a job and are no longer looking? Instead of which you stop returning my phone calls. I promise to be happy for you and to wish you well if you call and tell me you're no longer looking. But after promoting you and doing my best for you and your career, it would be nice to receive a call or an e-mail. Why don't you let me know how the interview I arranged for you went? Give me the updates that I asked for. Don't just disappear. Maybe there is an issue that can be negotiated? Share with me your frustration- that's my job. Help me help you!

Jacob Share 11) What is the best way to contact you?
Tahl Wilson … by sending your resume to tal [at] quest-hr [dot] com and then phoning me on 09 745 5567 x7 (in Israel)
Jacob Share Thanks for your time, Tahl.

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