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They Don't Teach Corporate in College

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About the book

They Don't Teach Corporate in College has resonated with tens of thousands of readers and is currently used as a text in corporations and universities across the country. This new and updated edition reflects the unique needs and challenges of current twenty-somethings, who want to make a difference right now but lack some of the core skills to make it happen. It incorporates fresh tips for building your transferable skillset, networking and enhancing your productivity in an increasingly digital world, and becoming an effective leader.

Who is Alexandra Levit?

Alexandra is someone I've known for almost as long as JobMob has existed, and I'm sure this is a great book. But here's her official bio:

Alexandra Levit's goal is to help people succeed in meaningful jobs, and to build relationships between organizations and top talent. A former nationally syndicated columnist for the Wall Street Journal and a current writer for the New York Times, Alexandra has authored six books. She has advised the Obama administration on critical workforce issues and has consulted for and spoken at hundreds of organizations around the world. Frequently appearing as a spokesperson in major media outlets, she was recently named Money magazine's Online Career Expert of the Year and the author of one of Forbes' best Websites for women. A member of the Northwestern University Council of 100 and the Young Entrepreneur Council, Alexandra resides in Chicago, Illinois, with her husband, Stewart, and their two young children.

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3 free copies of the hardcover 10th anniversary edition of recently-published They Don't Teach Corporate in College (which has a list price of US$15.99) are available to be won, including shipping & handling to wherever you are in the world.

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To be considered as entries in the contest, all comments must be submitted by this Sunday March 2nd 2014, midnight PST, which is 10am Monday morning Israel time (check your local time here)

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Ján Sáreník

    As a person who prefers to experiment first-hand, I have worked for corporations. After first year followed kind of burn-out because I started to do a job which was very much connected with my hobby (Linux). Next job was just a holiday, a month of social-working with youth in a low-threshold centre. Then again the same Linux company, this time with different mindset and job description so it lasted almost 3 years. When I think back, I am still not sure why I left that time, but I was young and curious…

    Next job was in a small company of automotive bussiness, Germany, testing car user-interface software. Then another American corporation and finally a real start-up experience which lured me strongly. Now I am back in corporate hoping to stay there for many years.

    Lessons learned. I would like to cross-check if the things I found out will be mentioned in the book and possibly learn something that will save me trying myself…

    Good luck! 🙂

  2. Kate B

    I’m a college instructor and I am always looking for new information that might give my students the edge when they are looking for a job. “They Don’t Teach Corporate at College,” could be that edge.

  3. Elizabeth A. Bert

    I am a Peak Performance Career Coach partnering with college students. Recruiters and hiring managers consistently report colleges students are inadequately prepared for the workplace. I am seeking an evidence based resource that will aid my clients to not only survive but to succeed beyond measure in the workplace. Alexandra Levit’s 10th anniversary edition, “They Don’t Teach Corporate in College”, would be an excellent addition to my recommended book list.

  4. Gideon

    My eldest son will join the workforce
    soon, and apart from learning about the corporate world from (which will be less
    accepted 😉 ) it would be very beneficial to him to learn about it from others
    and then he may understand what I told him about it too!

  5. Gideon

    A nephew of mine recently joined the workforce and I have an idea that it is difficult for him to understand the corporate world. This book would help him much!

  6. Gideon

    Several nephews are in the process of starting out in the corporate world and have no clue what to expect and how to handle things in a better way. This book would be a great gift to them!

  7. Jacob Share

    Great comments, everyone. Keep ’em coming.

    If anyone was getting an error message when they tried to post a comment, the problem has now been fixed.

  8. Jacob Share

    Thank you all for participating.

    The winners this time around are: Gideon, Elizabeth and Ján. Congratulations!

    I’ll be in touch with you asap regarding how to claim your prizes.

    And there’s no time to rest, with another comment contest coming out here on JobMob later today.

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