Over on Digital Eve Israel, Debra asks:

“I am offered a new job, but would like to know the consequences of unemployment benefits before I accept. I am now working for several years in a company. If I leave this company and start a new job, do I need to work there 6 months before I am eligible for unemployment benefits? Or does my working in my current company counts as well?”

The Official Conditions for Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment InsuranceAccording to the Bituach Leumi website (here in Hebrew), these are:

Age: Between 20 and retirement age, and in some cases also between 18 and 20.

Qualifying period:

  • For an employee receiving a monthly wage: 360 days for which insurance contributions have been paid out of 540 days prior to unemployment.
  • For an employee receiving a daily wage: 300 work days out of 540 days prior to unemployment.
  • A demobilized soldier or a National Service volunteer who has completed a voluntary service period of 24 months is exempt from an eligibility period during the first year after demobilization or end of service

Regarding Debra's question, it's not clear if the 360 or 300 days needed to be with the same company, so I spoke with the Bituach Leumi directly.

The Answer is No

According to Roni at the Bituach Leumi's National Call Center, reachable by dialing *6050, there's no relation between the number of companies worked and the number of days for which insurance contributions have been paid.

In other words, Debra's eligibility “clock” will not start over with her new job. She can start the new position and be assured that her unemployment benefits will immediately be there if she eventually needs them.

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