In the closing moments of LeWeb3, Yossi Vardi joined Loïc Le Meur on stage to announce the Bloggers for A Better World initiative. They explained the concept as follows: once a week or every ten posts, whichever is more often, all participating bloggers must write about a social cause.

Loïc added that he would post an official logo on his blog the next day (Dec. 13th) but that hasn't happened yet. I'll ask him about it, and update with his reply.

Dave Sifry of Technorati suggested that all corresponding posts be tagged bbw but even though I was sitting less than 3 meters away from him when he said it, I was hoping that I had misheard him because bbw is already in wide usage (pun intended). Later, I found out from Lele Dainesi that there was discussion about the tag being bfbw or b4bw but neither is catching on yet since they each have only (the same) 3 posts on Technorati.

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  1. Kate

    Life was better before there were too many acronyms.

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