Modern business card design will never be the same with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) letting you put more information than ever before on your pocket-size resume.

person holding a black Android smartphone
Photo by Daniel Frank

And this is just the beginning…

The card designs are more impressive as you follow the countdown till the bottom of the article, where you can find out how to make or get your own.

Do you have your own business cards right now?

AR Business Cards and Visiting Cards

Some of these are from designers, some are from AR business card apps and platforms.


30) Adrian C. Posteuca

29) SpotAR

28) Greg Wampler

27) Pier Paolo Ippolito

26) D. Davut Askar

25) Vasileios Linardos

24) Poplar

23) Daniel Lawence

22) Lukas Garcia

21) Niraj Gandhi

20) Yantravat Enterprise

😎 Top 30 Coolest Augmented Reality Business Card Designs

19) Yuriy Pshenychnyy

18) Patrick Ollerton

17) Kram Ali Shak

16) Matt Watson

15) Matt Watson (2)

14) Jake Steinerman

13) Deny Setiawan

12) Oscar Falmer

11) Felix Pet Shop

10) Giulio Grasso

😎 Top 30 Coolest Augmented Reality Business Card Designs

9) John Smith
(yes, there's no sound)

Not just augmented, interactive too.

7) ID 3D AU Business card
Almost a whole resume…

6) Jonas
I love the clickable iPhone icon you use to call him.

5) Augmented Advertising agency
Because holograms are cool…

4) James Alliban
Great demonstration of his skills.

3) Ted Prothero, Realtor

2) Burton Posey
His Mini-me avatar just looks terrific.

1) Gary Vaynerchuk
Love the pep talk he gives you. I don't think this is really his AR business card, just a demo by Aircards.

😎 Top 30 Coolest Augmented Reality Business Card Designs

Virtual Reality Business Cards

Alexander Burgess

Fiona Nicholson

Question of the article
Would you use an AR or VR business card? Why not? Tell us in the comments.

😎 Top 30 Coolest Augmented Reality Business Card Designs

Want an augmented reality business card maker?

Make one yourself or hire a freelancer to do it for you:

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  2. Verschueren

    Great examples of AR business cardsin your top 10 but I miss my first test of AR-ID platform. A platform where you can make your own Augmented Reality ID. With live twitter and links to facebook, hyves, linkedin and many more features!

    1. Jacob Share

      Verschueren- thanks for mentioning your link. Your demo card was nicely done – I like the interaction with your hands, very slick – and the clip explains the possibilities of AR very well. Good work!

  3. Mathieu Feulvarc'h

    thank you for the link to my website (

    for your users information, you have access to LinkedIn and I’m about to add youtube and facebook (asked by users on the forum) and, a link to any internet file or page so that you can “attach” your resume or your catalog to the business card.

    I have a working live twitter feed but it fail when you have accents (like in French) so I’m stuck on the reason why.
    .-= Mathieu Feulvarc’h´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

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  5. Harsh Agrawal

    Cool compilation. Tweeted 🙂
    .-= Harsh Agrawal´s last blog ..Best of Essential Blogging Software and tools from Year 2009 =-.

  6. Michael Schratz

    really impressive examples for augmented reality apps… i’m curious about, what following next on this technology…
    .-= Michael Schratz´s last blog ..Vorsicht bei Twitter – russische Phishing Site aktiv =-.

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  8. Joseph Condron

    Interesting I believe that Lego are using something similar in some of their shops.

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  10. Burton Posey

    Thanks for featuring my card on your blog! I’m honored.

    I wanted to let everyone know that I’m working on building a tutorial for my project and making sure everyone can get to my source code easily. A lot of the work for my project went into the character, so that might not actually be covered, but it will show the basics and include my model and texture as well.

    You can follow me on Twitter and I’ll post a link when it’s done. Thank you again.
    .-= Burton Posey´s last blog ..Augmented Reality Business Card =-.

  11. Jacob Share

    Burton- thanks for the update on your good work. If you can finish it sooner than later, I’m sure there will be a good amount of interest in your tutorial.

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  15. dave tribbett

    Great post, I referenced it in a post I just completed HERE. One of the most interesting things is the relationship between the Internet of Things and Augmented Reality, they seem to be bound by the same fundamental requirements in both technology and adoption. Thanks for the post.
    .-= dave tribbett´s last blog ..Internet of Things: Augmented Reality =-.

  16. Alex

    Now that’s a noticable business card. I wonder if this generation will have those kinds of business cards in the near future.

  17. Flinn Megal

    wow these cards are really nice ,tweeted n dugg.

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  19. Brian

    So, help me out here. Exactly how is the marker different from simply publishing a link to the same information on your business card? And do people have to hold up your card in front of their webcam for the whole presentation? If so, after about 30 seconds, it becomes a tiresome exercise for the viewer – not a benefit.

    1. Jacob Share

      Brian- the webcam needs the marker to easily recognize the card, to know what to project on screen around the card. In the future, the technology will get better and the recognition probably won’t even require any specific symbol at all, but for now it does.

      A link would just send you to a website, but the whole point here is that when the card is recognized, it is ‘augmented’ digitally on screen. You’re right- you probably don’t want the card augmented in a way that goes on too long, the effect should be cool and quick, but it really depends what you’re using the augmented reality for.

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