Business card design will never be the same with Augmented Reality (AR) letting you put more information than ever before on your pocket-size resume.

And this is just the beginning…

The card designs are more impressive as you follow the countdown till the bottom of the article, where you can find out how to make your own.


10) Giulio Grasso

9) John Smith

(yes, there’s no sound)


Not just augmented, interactive too.

7) ID 3D AU Business card

Almost a whole resume…

6) Jonas

I love the clickable iPhone icon you use to call him.

5) Augmented Advertising agency

Because holograms are cool…

4) James Alliban

Great demonstration of his skills.

3) Zehnder Communications

For this ad agency, the business card now becomes a whole platform unto itself.

video unavailable

2) Burton Posey

His Mini-me avatar just looks terrific.

1) Genuine Interactive’s Butterfly Effect Business Card

This is cooler than Princess Leia sending a message with R2D2…

Bonus: How to design your own Augmented Reality business card lets you download a black-bordered “marker” to add onto your business card, which a webcam then uses to recognize your card and display simple AR features such as links to your contact information and social media profiles, as demonstrated in this brief clip:

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--Jacob Share