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me at 40 Every December, I spend some time looking back at what I accomplished in my business (partly at the urging of my accountant, since the Israeli fiscal year ends on the 31st) and then plan and prioritize projects for the coming year.

This year was a little different than usual because I turned 40 two months ago –>

So instead of looking back on the year, I've been looking back on the decade…

There are many accomplishments I'm proud of, such as the success of JobMob, but also some regrets.

In particular, the fact that I haven't yet created a course for job seekers containing the tips and best practices that thousands of people have thanked me for since 2006, and millions others have benefited from on JobMob itself.

All of this brings me to . . .

My Dilemma

Recently, I started working on the course, choosing the most valuable and impactful advice, and preparing it for easy following. But then I stopped developing it altogether.  I stopped cold in my tracks.

I did this because I realized that as my first major product here on JobMob, I was still being too much of a perfectionist with this new course, which was one of the reasons I haven't already released it earlier. When I was a programmer, we called this “analysis paralysis.” Ugh.

So I stopped developing the product because I knew that, even after I’ve finished all the content, the site just wouldn’t be ready for the massive, JobMob-worthy, public launch I was planning. (That launch is now being placed on hold for a bit.)

Anyway, when my new thing (called “Job Magnet” for now) launches, I want to make absolutely sure that the forums are already populated with good content, that the membership software works flawlessly, that the server won’t crumble under user load, and that the helpdesk software I’m using integrates smoothly with the rest of the site.

I want to make sure that every possible kink has been ironed out.

How You Can Benefit From This

So here’s what I’m thinking about doing. . .  and I’d like your feedback.

I’m considering offering an initial limited group of 50 people access to Job Magnet. For 90% off the eventual price.

Here’s the trade-off:
I want you to use the forums, give me feedback on the content, let me know if the software breaks, and complete a few surveys . . .
. . . and in exchange for this, you get 90% off the final price.

Oh, and you’ll also get a full lifetime membership. Access to the course forever.

AND I’ll also work with you one-on-one for two months during private, bi-weekly Skype consults (I currently charge $150/hour for consulting, so this alone pays for your lifetime membership).

Is This Something You’re POTENTIALLY Interested In?

At this point, I’m not looking for commitments (I haven’t even told you exactly what Job Magnet IS or what the price will be) but if you’re potentially interested in becoming a founding member of Job Magnet, then click this link to email me (or get me directly at jacob [at] jobmob [dot] co [dot] il).

I have no clue what the interest will be, but if you and enough others are interested, then you’ll receive more details in the next few days.

Stay tuned,