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Group writing projects are fun. They're a great way to discover and be discovered. JobMob has received many new subscribers that way, which is important for you because the bigger the JobMob Community becomes, the more you can help and get helped in your job search.

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Here are a selection of links that I'd thought you'd find useful.

The Best Articles for Job Seekers

The Best of the Rest

  • 10 Simple Ways to Show Reader Appreciation by Ronald
  • 4 Powerful Tricks of the Viral Video Trade by Jonathan
  • Must Read Tips for Writing a Post that Attracts 15,000 Readers by Joseph
  • 27 Tips for Building a Kick-Ass Blog by Ahmed
  • How to Run a Smashing Blog Contest and Win with It by Vijay
  • 5 Ways to Increase Internet Traffic to Your Blog by Aseem
  • How to Setup a Domino Effect of Traffic by Steven

The Rest

Business & Career

Make Money Online

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  • 4 Easy Ways to Make More Money with Adsense by Egon
  • How I Improved my AdSense CTR by 51% by Using AuctionAds by Ashwin
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  • 4 Tips on Making Your First Wine by Ben Evert
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  • Tips to Saving on Food by Pink Elle
  • 15 Tips to Help You Dine with the Best by Andrew
  • Quick Meals, Not Fast Food by Geoff

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Technology & Internet


Web Development & SEO

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  1. Jonathan Kok

    Hey thanks for adding me to the Best of the Rest section. I’ll be posting up my list soon as well. Will check out the rest of your blog.

    Just to inform you, you were put in Akismet, I think because of your web address. Hope I’m not Akismeted too because they think this comment is too “Nice Posty”.

  2. GnomeyNewt

    Thanks for tossing out the extra link love!

  3. Lillie Ammann

    Thank you for including my post in the Best for Job Seekers. Since so much job searching is done online today, e-mail often gives the first impression of the applicant to an employer.

  4. Dean @ Technical Itch

    Thanks for the link love. Much appreciated 🙂

  5. Aseem Kishore

    Thanks a lot for posting in my article in the “Best of the Rest” section! You have a nice blog here, I’ll be reading through it!

    Thanks again!

  6. Darlene McDaniel

    Please let me know when you do another writing project. I would love to participate. Thanks!

    Interview Guru

  7. Vijay

    Thanks a bunch for selecting my article.. I appreciate your gesture

    Thanks again,

  8. Jacob Share

    Jonathan: No problem. On my end, I don’t use Akismet – Spam Karma2 is wonderful – but thanks for telling me, that’s the first time I’ve known about being blocked.

    GnomeyNewt: Sure thing!

    Lillie: You said it.

    Dean: Sure.

    Aseem: Thanks, too.

    Darlene: Will do.

    Vijay: Thank *you*

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