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LinkedIn Groups Top 100 for Job Seekers and Recruiters in 2014

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60 LinkedIn Groups for Your Job Search

Currently, LinkedIn only lets you join a maximum of 50 groups. Here I've listed 60 so that you can pick and choose which groups are most useful for you.

This list is ordered according to member counts, and each group is described with its official text as it appears on LinkedIn.


Independent Recruiters linkedin group Independent Recruiters – 10,367 members – This is open forum group for all Job Seekers, Recruiters and Sales and those want to explore new opportunities and are determined to grow in leaps and bounds.


CFA Careers linkedin group CFA Careers – 10,505 members – Group to discuss careers opportunities for CFA charterholders.


Online Media Jobs linkedin group Online Media Jobs – 10,657 members – This group is for people offering, or looking for, jobs in Internet marketing, web analytics, testing, search engine optimization, usability, e-commerce, eMarketing, e-tail, web design, mobile marketing, and all other occupations related to doing business.


Oportunidades laborales en Sudamerica linkedin group Oportunidades laborales en Sudamerica – 10,842 members – Oportunidades laborales en Sudamerica – Jobs opportunities in South America online.


Recruiter Development and Support Group linkedin group Recruiter Development & Support Group – 11,431 members – A group for Recruitment professionals to support each other and get further training. We welcome Recruiters both from consultancy, search and selection and on-site or inhouse. The aim is to support each other and to train and develop each other.


Renewable Energy Jobs linkedin group Renewable Energy Jobs– 11,825 members – The goal of this group is to connect green talent and employers & recruiters.


IIM Jobs linkedin group IIM Jobs – 12,062 members – We invite all Recruitment agencies (Offering Managerial positions) to join IIM Jobs Group and post the Job requirements. (Director/ CXO/ CEO CFO /CTO / SVP/ VP/ GM Jobs). Joining this group would provide you access to the largest Network of Best MBA Brains in the World.


NonProfit and Philanthropic JobBoard linkedin group Non Profit & Philanthropic Job Board – 12,079 members – This group is for those interested in employment in the Non Profit or Philanthropic sectors. *Jobs, sustainable development, fundraising, development, philanthropy, nonprofit, program, officers, management, charity, education, public policy.


Global Jobs linkedin group Global Jobs!!! – 12,098 members – This group is for sharing opportunities with people who are working in the fields of IT, ITES, Pharma, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, etc., worldwide. Aims in bringing people together looking for new opportunities. This is a perfect opportunity for individuals who want to upgrade their skill set and prepare themselves for better job opportunities.


Hedge Fund and Private Equity Jobs and Careers linkedin group Hedge Fund & Private Equity Jobs & Careers – 12,256 members – Powered by IvyExec.com, the Hedge Fund & Private Equity Jobs & Careers group's main objective is to allow job seekers the opportunity to network with those that are recruiting within the alternative investment sector, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, etc. & provide a platform for recruiters to post jobs and network with a target audience.


Technical Recruitment linkedin group Technical Recruitment – 12,260 members – This group has been created for Technical Recruiters, so that they can share their knowledge as well as they can update themselves about the market in different geographical locations.


Innovative Recruitment Forum linkedin group Innovative Recruitment Forum – 12,313 members – Innovation-thinking out of box is the next big thing going to drive business, this is a community where members can exchange their valuable and innovative ideas in the recruiting/sourcing Domain.


JobsDirectUSA linkedin group JobsDirectUSA – 12,494 members – Founded in 2008, JobsDirectUSA is America’s first national job search member organization. Unlike traditional job search websites, JobsDirectUSA is committed to helping as many U.S. job seekers connect with hiring companies and bridge the unemployment gap one job at a time.


EXPAT JOBS in MIDDLE EAST linkedin group EXPAT JOBS in MIDDLE EAST – 12,738 members – This group is for Job Seekers willing to relocate/ moving within Middle East countries like Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Oman, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Kashagan, etc. For those who would like earn a TAX FREE Expat Salary. All nationalities are WELCOME.


Pharmaceutical Jobs Biotech Life Sciences and Medical Devices Pharmaceutical Jobs, Biotech, Life Sciences & Medical Devices – 13,161 members – If you are actively looking for a new job in the pharmaceutical/healthcare sector or you are just someone who likes to keep an eye on what's out there, then this group should be perfect for you. We encourage networking and significant rewards for successful referrals.


Management Consulting Jobs linkedin group Management Consulting Jobs – 13,399 members – Group for posting and discussing Jobs in Management Consulting, and for posting resumes and profiles of management consultants who are open to a new opportunity.


A Job Needed A Job Posted linkedin group A Job Needed – A Job Posted – 13,587 members – This group is for ALL LinkedIn members searching for employment, posting employment or recruiters helping members find employment. Post resumes, job opportunities, a job you heard about, anything that helps to put together employees and employers. Let's make this an ACTUAL CAREER CONNECTION GROUP. This is the fastest growing, and the most productive group, providing ACTUAL value to LinkedIn Members!! Career hunters, and Career providers are actually making fruitful genuine connections.


Retail Jobs linkedin group Retail Jobs – 13,804 members – Retail Jobs is a dedicated professional group for retail experienced people to share career opportunities, ideas and other useful information.


Novos Planos Empregos e VagasVip linkedin group Novos Planos – Empregos e Vagas Vip – 13,968 members, Portuguese/English – This network of Networking aims to train a group of Brazilians within LinkedIn to exchange ideas, business, jobs for executives, review of curriculum free, vacancies, opportunities, career success, job interview, job, job, human resources, HR, E-books, etc…


The Talent Buzz linkedin group The Talent Buzz – 14,218 members – The Talent Buzz group is for all Job Seekers, Candidates, Recruiting, HR, and Marketing professionals interested in networking, and being kept up to date with the latest trends in Human Resources, Diversity, Talent Management, Recruitment, Social Media, and Social Networking.


The Wall Street Job Report linkedin group The Wall Street Job Report – 14,671 members – The financial services industry is undergoing transformative changes. The Wall Street Job Report provides light and clarity on this new era on Wall Street.


Latin American Recruiters and HeadHunters linkedin group Latin-American Recruiters & HeadHunters – 14,692 members – Our the objective is creating a open network for all the Bilingual Latin Pros in all Business and for the Recruiters/Headhunters that search for those Talented Latin Professionals (From Canada to Patagonia).


Renewable Energy Jobs linkedin group Renewables Job Market – 15,386 members – Recruit or be recruited. Let's continue to help make this group part of the solution for global warming, environmental problems, sustainability and unemployment in this time of financial crisis.


JOBS IN APAC linkedin group JOBS IN APAC – 15,904 members – This group is for Skilled Professionals seeking “JOBS in Asia Pacific” – East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Australasia. Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, India, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Fiji, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc.


The UK Marketing Lounge linkedin group The UK Marketing Lounge – 16,294 members – We are the largest UK Marketing, Advertising & PR group on LinkedIN with over 12,000 members. Invited members use the group to network (online and through events), share ideas, monitor trends, look for jobs & post industry-related discussions. Subgroups include; Digital Online Web, SEO, Social Media, SMO, Brand Licensing, Product, B2B, Channel, Category, CRM, Design, Charity, NfP, Communications, Content plus a whole lot more!


JobAngels linkedin group JobAngels – 16,398 members – JobAngels is grass-roots movement dedicated to helping the unemployed find work. Become a Job Angel by helping one person find a job! It can be a friend, a colleague, a neighbor or a total stranger. And if you need help yourself, join JobAngels to locate someone who is willing to lend a hand.


Oracle Jobs linkedin group Oracle Jobs – 16,421 members – This Group is to connect Recruiters and Job Seekers on Oracle and share Job Opportunities in the Oracle World. You can post/seek any Job on Oracle including but not limited to Full-Time, Contract, Contract to Hire, Corp-to-Corp etc.


Openreq linkedin group Openreq.com (Recruiters & Staffing Professionals) – 17,987 members – Openreq LinkedIn Group, at over 16,000 members, is the largest and most pure group on LinkedIn catering to recruiters & staffing professionals. Whereas some groups accept any and all requests, we try to keep our group as pure as possible to make our members' experience the best it can be. If you are a staffing/recruiting professional or have a business interest or service catering to the staffing industry, please join our group!


Event Planning Management linkedin group Event Planning & Management – the 1st Group for Event Professionals – 18,170 members – Our community is designed to help event planners keep abreast of emerging industry trends. We encourage non-promotional discussions, sharing of ideas, & networking.


CEO CIO COE COO CFO Head VP Director President Level linkedin CEO/CIO/COE/COO/CFO/Head/VP/ Director/President Level – 18,248 members – This group is for all passive job seekers who do not wish to go through the regular rut of going through a bunch of recruiters to finally get the job they want. This group would be a one stop shop for senior candidates to get in touch with the right employers without making it public.


Job Postings and Job Boards linkedin group Job Postings and Job Boards! – 18,810 members – Jobs Career Networking HR human resources recruiters executives managers consultants alumni information technology green energy science engineering manufacturing industrial office administration open networkers US UK Europe Canada India Australia Asia California New York Texas Florida IL MA NJ PA OH USA


MBA Highway MBA and Recruiter Network linkedin group MBA Highway | MBA & Recruiter Network – 18,982 members – MBA Highway is the Ultimate MBA Job and Internship Search Network, and this is MBA Highway's premier career advancement networking group on LinkedIn exclusively for MBA students, MBA professionals, and employers, recruiters and HR and talent professionals seeking MBA-level job candidates. Use our group to connect with alumni and colleagues, or network with new friends and career and business connections. Visit our website to post new MBA-level job opportunities or search for jobs and internships and benefit from our online career resources. MBA Highway brings together MBAs and MBA employers into a single community for mutual career benefit and success.


Green Jobs and Career Network linkedin group Green Jobs & Career Network – 19,022 members – This group is intended to be a resource for those who work in jobs pertaining to social or environmental responsibility (e.g. climate change, cleantech, CSR, green business, renewable energy, sustainability) and for those who are seeking employment or information on careers in these areas.


Treasury Finance Careers linkedin group Treasury / Finance Careers – 19,081 members – Career networking for the treasury management and finance profession. Financial officers, treasurers, cash and investment managers discuss jobs and share job opportunities and career advancement ideas.


The Job Hunter Group linkedin group The Job Hunter Group – 19,851 members – “The Job Hunter Group” has simplified its format. We are now just a job list! No News postings… No Blog postings… No Discussion topics… No posting comments to job postings except by private reply… No Arrogance… No Disrespect… Just Jobs!


Expat Network linkedin group Expat Network – 21,683 members – Welcome! A Network for expat networkers, expatriate services professionals, Human Resources, recruiting managers.


The Job Hunter Group2 linkedin group The Job Board USA – 21,713 members – Working together, we can get everyone working…


Premium Headhunting Network linkedin group Premium Headhunting Network – 21,728 members – Professional group of top recruiters from around the world collaborating on International Assignments.


Dubai Recruitment linkedin group Dubai Recruitment – 22,472 members – This Group is for all Dubai Recruitment Companies and people looking for jobs in Dubai.


Job and Career Network USA linkedin group Job & Career Network USA – 22,557 members – Enhance your current job/career or find a new one!


Banking Careers linkedin group Banking Careers – 23,316 members – Career networking for the banking and finance profession. Commercial and investment bankers, financial officers, treasurers, cash and investment managers discuss jobs and share job opportunities and career advancement ideas.


Financial Services Career Center linkedin group Financial Services Career Center – 26,020 members – The Financial Services Career Center™ connects global professionals and recruiters with opportunities, education, and resources in Securities, Insurance, Financial Advisors, Advisers, Analysts, Investments, Banking, Brokers, Agents, Wholesalers, Reps, Audit, Accounting, Finance, Mortgage, Lending, Finance, Treasury, Capital Markets, Portfolio, Real Estate, Private Equity, Real Estate, Investors.


India Jobs Network linkedin group India Jobs Network – 26,748 members – India Jobs Network is for all Professionals who would like to be aware of requirements in their respective fields and for Organizations & Recruiters who are hiring. Companies & Recruiters can upload any active jobs across India to the jobs section of the Group. Professionals can check the Jobs section for requirements across sectors, across levels & across India.


Career Change Central linkedin group Career Change Central – 28,887 members – Career Change Central is a group for job changers and people in career transition to meet in a central place with recruiters, hiring managers, and career coaches. Career Change Central will offer tips for job changers, free resources, and a place for recruiters and hiring managers to post their current needs. Career Change Central is a central place for candidates and recruiters who are local, domestic, and global to interact, with the purpose of getting people working faster.


Star Jobs Professional Career Center linkedin group Star:Jobs Professional Career Center – 33,603 members – Star: Jobs is the most efficient Group on LinkedIn to find a great job quickly: The Group works in tandem with Linked:HR, by far the largest Recruiters’ Group on LinkedIn. Linked:HR recruiters are regularly reminded to check Star:Jobs for top candidates. Also use this Group to discuss and network with other candidates, share tips, get news about the job market, and read the Jobs posted by many recruiters or available through job portals’ RSS Feed (i.e., Monster, Indeed, JobsDirectUSA).


Networked Recruiter linkedin group Networked Recruiter – 33,894 members – The Networked Recruiter is a destination dedicated to expanding your professional network, facilitating career advancement, and promoting the collective sharing of best practices within the field of professional recruiting.


Recruiting Professionals Network linkedin group Recruiting Professionals Network – 34,791 members – A recruiting professionals network of networkers who believe together everyone achieves more! We collaborate in business referrals and share the insider's secrets of the recruiting industry in a web 2.0 world. For vendors, direct hire, splits and best practices in recruiting excellence!


Telecom Jobs linkedin group Telecom Jobs – 35,210 members – This group helps all business telecom professionals and recruiters to find a solution to questions and queries in terms of jobs and opportunities with Telecom Companies.


IT Recruiters linkedin group IT Recruiters – 35,911 members – Group caters to All technical / IT recruiters and aims at bringing them together at one platform to discuss latest happenings, share experiences and learnings and assist each other to find jobs in IT, Software and Hardware Domains.


Corporate Recruiters linkedin group Corporate Recruiters – 41,219 members – #1 Group for Corporate Recruiters. Group designed to connect Recruiters and to share ideas on how to leverage LinkedIn potential and improve sourcing, talent acquisition, referrals, fee splitting, and other recruiting and HR issues. If you are recruiter or involved in recruitment, then join this group.


E Recruitment Group Jobs and Resumes linkedin group E-Recruitment Group Jobs & Resumes – 43,010 members – eRecruitment Group of Sr. Recruiters, Contact Group for Candidates and Employers, Corporate Recruiters, Staffing & Hiring Recruiters, Human Resources, Talent Acquisitions Specialist


Recruitment Consultants and Staffing Professionals linkedin group Recruitment Consultants and Staffing Professionals – 47,786 members – This is a group only for Corporate Staffing Professionals, (Agency) Recruiters, HR Managers / Directors and Employer Branding Experts to expand our network of people, ideas and share leads.


Global Jobs Network linkedin group Global Jobs Network – 59,919 members -Job Posts. Job Search. Post Profiles. Post Resume. Connect to Recruiters & Head Hunters. Stay connected to Leading hiring & Recruitment Professionals.


JOBS2.0 JobSearch linkedin group JOBS 2.0 Search – 62,566 members – This group helps you find a job online using the latest in social and professional networks. Discuss the latest news, techniques and online trends to help you find that dream job. Join this group to learn from the professionals in online recruiting and hiring on how to use online social networks in your job search. Interact with recruiters as well as other job seekers to get hired for any job in any industry. Post your resume on www.resumark.com and get paid to look for a job!


The Recruitment Network linkedin group The Recruitment Network – 95,673 members – This group, with over 90,000+ members, aims at bringing together people looking for new opportunities.


RecruitingBlogs linkedin group RecruitingBlogs – 105,563 members – The largest Linkedin group for the recruiting profession. Network with over 100,000 corporate and agency recruiters, HR professionals and recruitment consultants for recruiter partnerships, advice, splits, jobs, and staffing industry education.


Job and Career Network linkedin group Job & Career Network – 108,373 members – Enhance your current job/career or find a new one! Jobs board information hiring employment recruiters executive corporate human resources business management recruiter consulting marketing sales technology finance media telecom tech healthcare green engineer IT HR US UK Europe Canada Asia India USA


The Job Board linkedin group The Job Board – 147,889 members – Working together, we can get everyone working! Jobs career hiring employment recruiters executive corporate human resources business management recruiter networking consulting marketing sales open technology finance media telecom tech healthcare networkers IT HR US UK Europe Canada Asia India USA


Job Openings Job Leads and Job Connections linkedin group Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections! – 216,750 members – Jobs Career Networking HR human resources recruiter recruiters executive executives managers management consultants consulting business marketing sales information technology finance media telecom healthcare open networkers education alumni US UK Europe Canada Asia India USA


Linked:HR Linked:HR – 294,924 members – If you are a manager, corporate recruiter, headhunter, trainer, HR service provider or consultant, join Linked:HR now! Linked:HR is the largest HR Group on LinkedIn and the most active when it comes to Group “Discussions”.

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