Use Your Job Strengths For A Faster Job Search

Trying to stand out in a crowd is not always the best way to stand out. I was once chatting with an old friend of mine about his dating struggles. Or rather, struggles about his lack of serious dating. In his late 30's, single and wanting very much to start a family, he felt the pressure mounting as time crept on. As a result, he began looking for new ways to meet that special someone. Later that year, he signed up to a major dating site and spent 3 months meeting site members whose profiles showed that they had similar interests. Unfortunately, the 3 months went by without him meeting anyone significant which, although he didn't say so, only made the situation seem more desperate. However, when I asked him why he thought it didn't work out, he responded with 2 key insights to dating websites: * How good you look in your profile picture will decide whether people continue reading your profile * When a better-looking person is potentially just one click away, you need to look great to keep people from clicking too quickly Although he's a decent-looking guy, he didn't stand much of a chance in that situation.


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