WIN $11K: The 8th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest

The biggest guest blogging contest is back again for an 8th summer. This time with more prizes than ever and some new twists. In this official announcement, you'll find: * Main contest prizes * How to WIN the contest * How to enter the contest * Contest calendar Take your time to carefully read this announcement. There's a lot of information and many prizes, you don't want to miss a thing.


And The Big News Is…

...that the 8th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest is almost here. As usual, there will be thousands of dollars in prizes, including new prizes that I’ve never offered before and some new twists that I'll be trying out for the first time, to make this the best edition of the contest yet! BLOGGERS: start thinking of your job search-themed submission now. Everything in the contest is happening earlier this year, including a hard submission deadline, so get busy. No need to wait for all the prize details, they'll be here soon enough. Below are some of the great sponsors that are already lined up - with more on the way - and if you know someone or some company who'd like to join in, here's how.


COMMENT #CONTEST: Win a Copy of David Bradford’s Up Your Game

"6 timeless principles for networking your way to the top." How to Enter Simple - at the bottom of this article, leave a comment about networking. Some suggestions of what to comment on are: * A networking mistake you (or someone else) made and how you would fix it * Your favorite networking tip/website * A funny job search networking story * The most memorable networking event you attended and why it was so


Call For Sponsors: The 8th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest

Want exposure in the biggest blogging contest of the summer? I say it every year and I said it last year - this edition will be the biggest yet. Why sponsor? Great benefits The 2013 edition of the contest lead to over 600,000 pageviews here on JobMob. Participants, the people vying for your sponsored prizes, were mainly small business owners such as job search experts, coaches and recruiters. There are 5 levels of sponsorship to choose from: Titanium, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Chrome. I want you to feel that your sponsorship was one of the best campaigns you or your company ran this year. When it comes to benefits, I always try to give you as much value as possible, hopefully much more than the value of your sponsorship. Below I detail what each level of sponsorship will earn you. I'm also flexible; if you'd like a benefits package that's better suited to your goals, I'll work with you to find a great fit. In some cases, you can even transfer benefits to a client or partner. You can also waive certain benefits if they don't interest you. I may add additional benefits later as well.


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