The Main Purpose of Midlife Job Finders

The main purpose of Midlife Job Finders is to help you win at the midlife job search game by finding a good, meaningful job as quickly as possible, doing the work you want to be doing, without needing to worry about ageism, being told you’re overqualified (if you get a response at all), applying for entry-level jobs, or requiring you to become a job search expert yourself just to get results.

This online course is aimed at job seekers 40 and up, employed and unemployed, who want to take action by following a proven strategy for midlife job search success.

I started creating Midlife Job Finders after it became clear that …

  • The “one job until you retire” job market is dead
  • Most midlife employees are completely unprepared for their next job search
  • Midlife job seekers are more likely to be told they’re overqualified than they’re hired
  • Most midlife job seekers will ultimately settle for the first job offer, even if it undervalues their skills and experience, and that’s if they get any offers at all
  • Midlife job seekers want job counselors and mentors attuned to their needs versus career advisers accustomed to counseling college students and recent alumni