Hey, it’s Jacob here, and I’m getting ready to open the doors to Midlife Job Finders in only 2 days' time:


Thursday at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 9pm Israel time… and only 50 lucky people are getting in.

I hope you’re getting ready to take your job search to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I'm going to open the door a crack and give you more details about what Midlife Job Finders is… don't miss it…

But first, there's a little bit of business I want to take care of for you today as I announce the winners of the Midlife Job Finders contest.

Let's go!

Winners of the Midlife Job Finders Contest Announced

Wow. There were some GREAT comments for the Midlife Job Finders contest.

And thank YOU for all the amazing and thoughtful entries… after posting hundreds of articles through almost 10 years of JobMob, I can say without a doubt that your stories make for one of the more compelling reads anywhere on the site (and not just because of the compliments!), crossing many industries, countries, cultures and yes, ages.

You've given us a window into your lives and challenges, and that takes real courage. It also shows me that you're willing to take steps, even not-so-easy steps, to make your lives better. Part of my job will be to ease the not-so-easy, and by seeing the quality of people like you in this new community, I'm still more EXCITED to get started working with you on that path.

Picking two winners was *very* difficult.

But after lots of reading and thinking yesterday and rereading some more today, I finally chose the winners a few minutes ago.

Anyway, if you get a chance, it would mean a lot to me if you would take a few seconds and congratulate the winners in the comments section here below.

Winning Entry #1: Karen Frank

Female – Age 58
Executive Level Assistant – Office Management – Accounting – Sales and Marketing … Expertise

Up to now during my job search for 2 months – I have been applying to selective opportunities posted as well as presenting as an introduction to employers in a select geographical area so that as any future opportunities arise they can have consideration for me.

For the postings I am down playing my 20 + years of skill and indicating mostly only that which mirrors to what they are listing in the advert.

For the unsolicited introduction format I am presenting as a candidate looking for employment in the local area without the long commute to central Toronto for work. (2 hours each way) Giving my new employer the best of me from the “Get Go” in the morning.

Presenting as well as a mature candidate that has accomplished financial landmarks in life and that is now looking to work as a contributor in a team of nice people to mean far more to me than financial huge gains from employment.

I mention something of the employer’s company perspective that is raised my interest in their company (some news article referencing achievements, charitable goodness, company motto, etc.) something that I communicate to connect with myself.

I use a graphic symbol as the letter head to show creativity. (two hands in a meeting / greeting fashion)

I list my accomplishments in brief form (leaving the expansion for a one on one conversation later). I state that I hope this introduction will be of mutual interest on the closure of the letter.

Trying to cover off all these areas listed above, to generate enough interest so that I can get a face to face. Would really like to know and follow a guideline for success … many avenues exist out there for the youth population and their career / job hunt. I have not found anything to date to cover off the matter of baby boomers and the 50 + age group. I really feel that the overqualified aspect is a major stumbling block for most in this age group. About 20 years ago an older candidate could get away with being at home to raise the children and re entering the work force to stay busy – or to supplement the family income. But that does not fly these days it appears.

I hope that your site will be as indicated for the 50 + age group. Something to enlighten the learning curves – the ins and outs about finding employment, and at this stage of the game the last job search needed hopefully. As this should also be the right job and take the person through to true retirement age. I am very intrigued with the prospect of your site for the Mid Life Job Finder advice. I am in fact energized to hear as much information and forms of questioning that will open my mind in different directions than originally thought of. To think that you will use to your intelligence to the subject of me and millions of others in my age group – to help us on our journey is extremely commendable and I do hope it will be very rewarding for you as well. You are doing a great thing here, please note that you are providing a window of opportunity to a select group of people – enabling them to have hope and a guiding hand to take them further in life. As mentioned above – little if anything exists in the job / career hunt world for the 50 + age group, so you my friend are our “First Responder” something that your should take great pride in.

Karen Frank

Winning Entry #2: Yuval

I have been caught up in the midlife job search frenzy twice in the past 7 years.

On both occasions, my corporate ex-employers kindly provided “outplacement” consulting as part of the severance package. Was this consulting effective?
The first one (7 years ago) opened my eyes to the fact that I was clueless about finding a job, and introduced me to some of the more modern approaches and facilities of job seeking, while at the same time giving me the warm fuzzy (deluded) feelings that I am exactly what every employer is looking for, and that my newly upgraded job seeking activities were now perfected. Needless to say, while their methods were more advanced than mine, it took me some time to discover that they were also not quite up to date.

The second occasion (last year) with different consultants was in a completely different league. Their framework, approach, and methods are more realistic and practical, and their statistics prove a much greater level of success.

Are they effective? Probably. Very much so: I, and others I know, found jobs in a relatively short time.

Rather than becoming experts at finding a job, most midlife job seekers will probably attempt to find that one job, which will provide job security until retirement. After a few months of rejections, frustrations and all the other emotions they previously didn’t realize they had, most midlife job seekers will probably settle on just getting any single job offer that will provide reasonable income. Me too.

So given the fact that I am employed, and that I found consultants with a successful job seeking recipe, why am I looking at JobMob?

Simple reality check.

There is no longer job security until retirement.

In my areas of expertise, it is more than likely I will be forced to look for a new position in a year or two. Maybe longer, or sooner. And the older I get, I should expect to hear more of the same variations of “new efficiency measures” or “customer cut/froze the budget” etc.

And why JobMob’s Midlife Job Finders?

I have no intention of turning my future job searches into a profession. I can leave that to the experts who can help me by sharpening my skills to do that professionally, when I will need to do so in the future.

I don’t believe that those who assisted me last year (or their predecessors) have, or should have, exclusivity in this area. Finding a job, especially as mid-lifers, is as crucial as any life-saving situation, where a second opinion is recommended.

Or maybe JobMob should be the first opinion… given the resources, exposure and openness to a wider audience who share opinions and experiences, and constant updates in technologies and techniques…

Thanks Jacob. Your experience, insights and vision are invaluable.

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  1. ann

    Congratulations to Karen and Yuval. Wishing you success in all your endeavors.

  2. Cathy

    Congratulations, Karen Frank and Yuval! I hope Jacob will help each of you have a great job soon, and me too!! Best wishes!

  3. Heather

    Congratulations Karen and Yuval!

    And thanks Yuval for reminding me to get over one job till I retire. Living in Alberta I keeping hearing over and over again that I am overqualified for this current economy. Very frustrating!

  4. Lydia Akinwunmi

    Congratulations to Karen and Yuval for an inspiration case study of your journey. I fully agree there is no longer job for life and we all have to develop employability skills to access today’s labour market. The need to be on top of the game via networking is paramount for mid-life jobseekers. I am passionate about support been readily accessible for these age age.

  5. Turab

    Congratulations to Karen and Yuval !

  6. sabah ahmed

    Congrats , both Karen and Yuval , I hope other to be lucky in the coming Midlife job.

  7. Sandra Picot

    Congratulations Karen and Yuval! Not only did I enjoy reading your stories, but also I found useful tips. If I am fortunate to share this course with you, I look forward to cross-fertilization.

  8. Harpreet Kaur Uppal

    Congratulations to both the winners Karen and Yuval yes I did enjoy reading.

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