One way to make a great impression during a job interview is to show intimate familiarity with the target company and its market. The classic way to research is simply to read the newspaper, and Israel has many dailies in print and on the Internet.

Which newspaper is best for you, the Israeli job seeker?

Different Shapes and Sizes

Israeli newspapers come in many flavors covering Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian and more. The tabloid formats of Yediot and Ma'ariv, the classic layouts of Ha'aretz and the Jerusalem Post, the free journals like Israeli that train riders used to have. Too many to follow them all, but are they still too few to serve you well?

Over the next few weeks, JobMob will take a closer look at the papers and help you determine which ones are best for your Israeli job search. The print versions cost money but the web versions are (mostly) free, so the latter is where we'll focus in this multi-part series.

Stay Tuned 🙂

Jacob Share

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  1. Todd Porter

    Wanted to add my two cents.

    In addition to newspapers, do a google search on the company.

    Also, for larger publically traded companies check some of the financial sites where individuals can post comments. Understanding what people are saying about a companies stock can be invaluable.

    When looking for information, look for the problems. Come to the interview with possible solutions but be careful not to anger the hiring manager, as they might not like hearing the truth about a situation. (Then again, we’re talking about interviewing in Israel, which I assume can be a lot more honest and open)

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck,
    Todd Porter
    H.T. PROF Executive Search
    (770) 420-7440

  2. Jacob Share

    Thanks for the company research tips, Todd. I especially like the last one; that’s a great example of showing the familiarity mentioned in the article.

  3. Saboma

    Shalom, Todd
    What a great blog you have here! I am greatly impressed. I now have you in my reader so that I can keep up with your posts. This is so cool!


  4. Todd Porter

    You are absolutely correct that this is a great blog with some wonderful advice. It also does a great job pointing readers to other information on the web.

    BUT…. It’s not my blog. :}

    Having said that, for the ‘passive’ job hunter (one who is working and not really looking for a new job) I would suggest they subscribe to the online newspaper updates.

    This way, they can keep abreast of what is happening in a certain area. Globes is great for this and the one I use on a daily basis.

    If you see an interesting company you haven’t heard about you can keep an eye on them. If you see a company you are interested in get funding, it usually means they’ll soon be hiring….

    Even if you are passive, be proactive in managing your career, by knowing what’s going on in the market.

    Todd Porter
    H.T. PROF Executive Search
    (770) 420-7440

  5. Jacob Share

    Thanks for the compliments, Saboma and Todd.

    And Todd – good call. Globes was already on my list of papers to blog about. Look for that soon.

  6. hayim abramson

    Keep up the good job, Jacob. What you are doing
    sounds VERY positive.

  7. hider

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