Rivka commented on the Who Are You? article this way:

I like the tips that this site gives, though more information on jobs available would be nice too. There are quite a lot of sites for this, though, so I guess that it may be unnecessary for there to be another?

This is great feedback because it's clear in telling me how I can better help you.


Make Your Voice Heard

Do you feel the same way as Rivka? Employers contact me with job leads all the time. I've held off from posting them for the exact reason that Rivka suggests. In my opinion there are already too many Israeli job boards creating confusion and wasting your precious time, and I feel that I can help you better by staying different.

I also like the idea of using the JobMobber Profiles as a way to share job leads.

However, what matters most if your satisfaction.

I'm always trying to improve JobMob and make the site more useful for you. With that goal in mind, minor enhancements are rolled out to the site every week. In parallel, I'm constantly evaluating more significant changes that I hope will help make JobMob the #1 destination for Israeli job seekers.

Which it will be, if I do a good job answering the following question:

How can JobMob become your #1 Israeli job search destination?

Speak up, I'd really like to hear what you've got to say.

Jacob Share

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  1. Ainav

    The most difficult thing when searching for a job abroad is getting a sense of what the work world is like and where you fit in as a potential employee. Online job listings are too large and don’t really allow for more personalized use.

    Your job profile idea is a good one, but I would take it one step further and use it to generate lists of israeli companies that might be of interest to the job seeker and vice versa. This will allow the job seeker to take a more active targeted role in his/her job search. As well, I would suggest that the establishment of a job profile be more of a staggered process, where you can slowly get a sense of how to adjust it to truly suit your job search goals, as most people find looking for a job to be an intimidating process and are rarely confident enough to be able to concisely state their ideal job.

    Not sure how clear i’m being, and am aware of the constraints of doing this within the context of a blog, but just figured i’d throw some thoughts out there. As well, for the record, posts like the one on google r really helpful because these types of jobs rarely end up in more standard job search environments.

  2. Jacob Share

    Thanks for the terrific suggestions and feedback, Ainav.

    What I have in mind for the JobMobber Profiles is less formal for now – less Jobster or LinkedIn – but perhaps Israeli job seekers can use similar features, just more adapted to their needs.

    Let’s see what others think.

  3. ced

    Love the blog in general. Hoever, the blogs on general issues, interviews with other bloggers or webmasters of general, non-israeli websites, is not as relevant to the core mission of Jobmob (as i initially understood it). I would like to see more blogging specific to Israel-related employment issues – e.g. employment rights, recruiters in Israel, getting by without protexia, the best job listings for types of jobs, the inner workings of various industries (law, marketing, accounting, business, medicine).

  4. josh

    I agree with ced, need more Israel-related insight. But, I also actually like the ‘foreign’ and ‘general’ issues as well and I think that it gives the jobmobber an edge by broadening our knowledge as opposed to most Israelis who are exposed to information like this in their tabloid-oriented socety and who then less career-oriented or know what is really happenning in the market.

    I wonder how the community would react to some shorter posts. Until now, most posts have been extensively well-researched. I think we could sometimes use some simple current-news insight as well.

    Oh, and what about guest posters and stories about real estate?

    Ex: just recently, a building project (only ready in 2009) in Tel Aviv was advertised and marketed directly to ‘high-tech’ people and sold out as fast the contracts could be written up. Who wants to live next to people you work with or people who are as geeky as you?

    Well, almost 400 people and their families.

  5. Genesis

    Hi, thanks for the stumble!

    Instead of adding yet another job listing blog to the blogosphere, why not do a post every so often, pointing out the best job boards for jobs in Israel? You offer more value to your readers and avoid becoming too mainstream.

  6. Hessel

    I suggest a daily or weekly list gets sent out to with available jobs. Participants could select which jobs interest them (optional).

  7. Jacob Share

    Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions.

    ced: I hear your pain 🙂 The focus here is helping people find jobs in Israel, but Israel’s job market is very international, so I’ll continue to dip overseas when I think the news is useful for Israeli job seekers. For example, what’s hot in the US often gets hot in Israel too.

    josh: I try to keep posts as short as possible without lowering the bar of quality (in my eyes 🙂 ). If you take a look through the archives, you’ll see that the average article has gotten shorter. I know that people don’t have time to read long articles everyday, so expect me to break out more ‘series’ type articles, like with the newspaper website comparison that’s just begun. There will be something about guest bloggers soon.

    Genesis: sounds good, that idea is on my list.

    Hessel: I may start doing something similar in the end, if anything because I hate the idea of having job leads and sitting on them. It defeats the whole purpose of JobMob.

  8. Kate

    It’s interesting to see how openly blog readers shared in 2007 compared to 2013.

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