Recently I told you about why job search spam should scare you. That article was part of Daily Blog Tips' 3 group writing project. There were over 100 submissions to that project according to the final list. So that you don't need to browse them all, here's a selection of articles that I'll think you'll enjoy most.

3 Blog ProjectFavorites

Finding Work and Steve, the Maintenance Man and That Third Thing by Hoffman

“After years of observing people at work, I have concluded there are people who can find work and those who can't.”

Top 3 Reasons Why You Have to Work from Home by Alfa

“you still have to do your homework…before you jump the gun”

Three Mistakes made by teen Online Entrepreneurs by Nick

“If you're a teen, and you don't need a job, don't get one”

Three Reasons Why Superheroes Wear Their Underwear On The Outside by Brown Baron

Ok, I just liked the title.

Here are the complete list of results, all 118 of them:

Business & Career



Health & Fitness

Make Money Online



Web Development & Design

  • 3 Huge SEO Mistakes I have Made by Jeremy
  • How I built 10,000 links in 3 weeks by Patrick
  • 3 Ways to Improve the Comment Styles on Your Blog (With Examples) by Ryan
  • My three best traffic generators by Johan
  • 3 really simple ways to speed up your blog by Hans
  • Make your WordPress blog more Search Engine friendly by Shankar
  • 3 Must Do Things For A New Blogger by Ramkarthik
  • The 3 P's for Creating a Successful Website – Passion, Persistence, and Patients by Sarah
  • The 3 kinds of web statistic tools (or site traffic counters) by Planet Apex
  • 3+1 Ways to Make Your Website Load Faster by Pallab
  • 3 + 3 + 3 Places Where You Can Get Free Icons For All Seasons And Reasons by Joel
  • 3 reasons why you must learn ruby language by Ruby Tips
  • 3 Reasons Why I shifted from Blogger to WordPress! by Ashfame
  • 3 + 2 Most Sexy and Stylish Firefox Themes For You by DJ Flush
  • Top 3 Mistakes of Rookie Web Designers by Kevin

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