How To Use Personal Branding To Shine Bright

It's all about amplifying your message. This is a guest post by Yinka Olaito. If you’d also like to guest post here on JobMob, follow these guest post guidelines. Ignorance is not bliss. People who know nothing often operate in darkness. Life in darkness holds no benefit to the individual or the community at large, and staying in darkness of ignorance makes you feel life is a constant struggle. It gives the impression something must be wrong with you. Meanwhile in absolute terms, nothing is wrong with you at all. It is your ignorance and your inability to know how to switch the light on in your career or profession that is the key to life's struggle. The world of career and professional progress requires a certain amount of light for you to get noticed. How far and bright that you can shine the light will determine your influence. Many operate with sixty watts while others - through knowledge and wisdom - are using hundreds of thousands watts. The difference in energy level will show in the darkness: with sixty watts, you can command a level of attention, but with a thousand watts, you will lead your field until someone with a higher capacity shows up. As professionals, we have to know that no matter the level of struggle we are presently facing, light overcomes darkness. We won't need to beg, but we will start commanding attention based on the level of light we are shining around the workplace.


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