What is Moz and Do You Need it?

Is it possible to provide too much value? Thank you to Moz for sponsoring the 8th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest. Moz's slogan is "Inbound marketing is complicated. Moz’s software makes it easy." And it's true. Here are some of the tools available, and if you have a website, you should be impressed: * Open Site Explorer - Research and compare backlinks with competitors for intelligent, targeted link building. Identify top pages, view social activity data, and analyze anchor text. * Followerwonk - Take a deep dive into your Twitter analytics. Analyze and segment your followers, compare users, and find out how to engage your audience. * MozBar - View link metrics, analyze page elements and SERP results, and access your favorite SEO tools in-line while you browse the web. For Chrome and Firefox. * Moz Local - Check your U.S. business listings on Google+ Local and other prominent local search engines—then see how you can improve them. * MozCast - Track day-to-day changes and fluctuations in Google rankings. MozCast is your daily "weather report" showing turbulence in the Google algorithm. I use the first 3 tools regularly...


How To Get and Use Your Own Domain Name, Part 2

To really take advantage of your own domain name. A JobMob reader asks: I have a professional question. Do you know how someone gets a domain name that is their name? As in jacob@jacobshare.com? There are actually 2 parts to the question: 1) How do you get your own domain name? 2) How do you use that domain for a website and/or email? I previously answered the first question in How To Get and Use Your Own Domain Name. If you missed it, you might want to go read it now (the link will open in a new window/tab). In this article, I'll focus on the second question.

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50+ Tips to Brand Yourself Online

A strong personal brand will distinguish you in a tough job market. Once you've designed your personal brand and have a personal brand name, use this handy list of suggestions to implement your standout personal branding strategy.


200+ Resources and Tips To Help Manage Your Reputation Online

Everything you need to manage your reputation online and get to any nasty Web surprises before they get to you. Did you expect to find less than 200 resources and tips? This list is being updated all the time as I discover more links for you. Bookmark it now or subscribe to JobMob via RSS or email for future updates. Discover & track what's being said about you What should you be tracking? Most people will only want to track their full name (in the format "firstname lastname"), but there are other things you might want to watch as well: * Web pages where you posted your resume, portfolio or other online work * Any products that you take credit for in a resume or portfolio * Companies that you're researching in a job hunt * People you might soon work with or for * Major players in your industry * The job market in your industry


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