Secret Ingredients to Great Viral Recruitment Video

Social media websites like Facebook and have simplified the way we share information. Hiring companies have begun using these tools to recruit you in ways you might not expect. Nowadays, if you have an ad to put out, your best hope is for it to go viral and spread across the social networks like wildfire. Why pay for advertising when people are happily spreading your message for you?


Isabont – The Lazy Way to Job Search?

Isabont is a website that aims to "plan your career. manage your job search." An easy claim to make but the video demos on the Isabont homepage do make the tool quite appealing. Simon Clay Michael, Isabont's founder, was kind enough to offer a Premium account so that I could test out the site for you in all its glory. This is the JobMob review.


Top 10 Unusual Resume Mistakes

Are you making these mistakes on your resume? 10) Using a cutesy email account to send the CV. Any email arriving from snookums12 or bigboy69 that gets through the spam filter will get caught by the human filter before being dumped in the trash filter. Email from billgates1 is probably not going to help at Microsoft either. 9) Mentioning low grades (Hebrew) or test scores. If you had problems in a course, why mention it at all? You're too honest. Emphasize the positive and achievements you can be proud of. 8) Forgetting ineffective information on your CV only to have it surprise you in the subsequent interviews, such as alternative musical tastes (which I have), esoteric hobbies (I would get asked about mixology too much) or even a past job experience unrelated for the position at hand. Every detail you leave on your CV should have a purpose or not be there.


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