How A Resume Works To Get You Hired

Black and white resumes do it best. This is a guest post by Todd Porter. If you’d also like to guest post here on JobMob, follow these guest post guidelines. In an age of social media and virtual networking, job hunting is different than it was 50, 40 or even 30 years ago. In the 60’s and 70’s people typically didn’t change jobs every few years. Individuals would land a job with the anticipation that they would work there until they retired. There were no job sites like There was no Internet where information was easily accessible or e-mail where resumes could be easily submitted. What hasn’t changed is that the resume is still the number one tool used to land a job. Actually, considering resumes are 500 years old (don’t believe it? Google “Leonardo Da Vinci 1482 resume”) they haven’t changed a lot. Unfortunately, most individuals don’t grasp the intricate parts of this tool and how to use it effectively. Resumes aren’t black and white. Well, actually most resumes are black and white (more about that later).


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