5 Ways to Find Jobs in Israel Before Arriving

If you're considering a move to Israel, you're likely asking yourself the same questions that Bari did in a recent email: I am planning to move back to Israel this summer (most likely in August). When should I start seriously looking for a job? Is it unrealistic to have a job in place before I arrive? These 2 questions are slightly different but very much related. Let's look at them in reverse order. But first- Keep in mind these 2 points * You will almost always want to physically meet the key people with whom you're going to be in close contact at work i.e. your boss and colleagues. Budget for at least one trip to Israel to meet them and sign the contract. * The higher your level of Hebrew is when you begin your job search, the higher your chances of finding work in Israel quickly. This is true regardless of whether you begin your Israeli job search in Israel or halfway around the world. On to the questions...


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