WebHostingBuzz: Great Support But How Is Their Web Hosting?

A long-time JobMob sponsor, so should you use their web hosting service? Thank you to WebHostingBuzz for being a Gold Sponsor for the 6th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest. In this article, my assistant Matthew takes an honest look at WebHostingBuzz. Like many things on the Internet these days, I find it hard to know where to start when it comes to web hosting. There is always such a vast array of options thrust in my general direction, and with limited ‘lingo’ at my disposal, trying to decipher my way to the best service is like an English person asking a foreigner for directions. Far too often when I visit web hosting sites, I feel as though they have been designed for people who already know everything about the intricate workings of the World Wide Web, and perhaps I am wasting my time even contemplating joining in on ‘their game’. Often I simply decide to put ‘that new blog’ off for another six months, and return to the relative safety net of reading other people’s work, and marveling out how simple it all looks. It’s all rather pathetic. When WebHostingBuzz became our Gold Sponsor, I set off once more on a quest of comprehension.


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