Israeli Salary and Labor Law Q&A with Moshe Egel-Tal

The questions cover ageism, maternity leave, severance pay and overtime for part-timers. The answers are the result of followups to the JobMob Pro Chat with Israeli Payroll Specialist Moshe Egel-Tal. In some cases the names have been changed. Ageism Bena asks: I was wondering whether it is illegal for prospective employers (or employment agencies) to ask your age even before they interview you or even consider you for a prospective position with a company. I have had numerous situations where my qualifications are clearly listed on my C.V., including years I graduated undergrad and grad school and still the prospective employer or head hunter here will ask me my age claiming that it is relevant to my level of experience. When I refuse to give it they basically do not contact me again. How legal is it to ask that question?


How To Quit Your Israeli Job and Still Receive Severance Pay

Many of us dream of resigning but fear losing our accumulated severance pay. As it turns out, in Israel there are many cases where an employee can resign and still retain severance pay. One only needs to know when the law allows it. This article is a guest post by Moshe Egel-Tal, CSPP. If you’d also like to guest post here on JobMob, follow these guest post guidelines. Scared about your severance rights? The employed-job sector has gone through many revolutionary changes in recent years that are characterized mainly by a huge turnover of positions. The days when an employee was secure and stable in his position for life - that were a major factor in accepting a position - are no longer. Employees aren't afraid anymore to change jobs and if someone stays at a position for 3-4 years it is considered a long-term position. Due to high employee mobilization, many employees would like to resign in order to pursue other job opportunities but refrain from doing so because they know they will only get severance pay if they are terminated by their employer.


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