Over 100 Salary Surveys, Guides and Calculators For 2014

Know the market rate for a job before recruiters ask what the rate is for you. Salary surveys help you: * Understand your current market value, locally or abroad * Learn about options for relocation, where your market value is that much higher * Learn about other career options where you could earn enough, or even more And that's why I compile these lists for you. How to use this list As much as possible, I try to only list sites that are credible and have compiled their own numbers from their own sources. For best results, compare multiple surveys to reinforce your impressions, especially since you might end up making decisions with these numbers in mind.


100+ Salary Surveys, Guides and Calculators For 2012

A handy reference for your pre-job interview research. Why you can trust this list * I was very careful to only choose sites that are credible so you can believe their numbers * I was also careful to choose sites that have their own numbers, and aren't simply using reports from global sites like Payscale.com * Different sites have different sources, so compare results across sites for the best ideas


100+ Free Salary Resources From Around the World in 2010

All the free salary surveys and other salary information you'll need in 2010. How to use this list * The list only includes sites that are credible or that explain where their numbers come from. * Compare results across multiple sites for best results. Salaries are always changing and many of these sites are based on employee-submitted information. * If you know of any other 2010 salary resources that aren't in the list, please suggest them in the comments below. What's in this list? * Salary surveys - created by surveying readers about their salaries. * Salary databases - readers contribute information about their jobs, sometimes in exchange for access to the rest of the database. * Salary reports - a salary report can be written from a company's own data or compiled from a combination of salary surveys, government statistics, company disclosures, etc. * Salary or wage search - search on a profession and the results will show typical earnings. * Salary calculators or checkers, wage/worth estimators - you fill out a form of questions about your profession and the calculated result is an estimate of the salary you should be earning. If you're employed, this a good way to judge how fair your pay is.


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