Counterpoint: Don’t Bother Applying For Jobs Online

Just because you're shown a path doesn't mean you need to take it. This is a guest post by Roderick Lewis. If you’d also like to guest post here on JobMob, follow these guest post guidelines. It is not easy for today’s job seekers: social unrest, crippling debt, and mass layoffs. Whether you are a current student, recent graduate, or restless professional, you’ll find that the burden of your job search is borne by you, and you alone. Don’t expect any favors or tips from the companies for whom you want to work – especially the “so-called” great places to work. Their objective is to survive and prosper in an increasingly competitive global market that has nothing to do with your desire to get a job. You bear the burden of trying to figure out what’s fact versus fiction as you begin your quest towards getting hired. Standing in the path of truth and transparency will be a plethora of vague job postings, ubiquitous job boards, flashy career sites, gatekeeping recruiters, and propaganda-wielding employer brands – oh my! It’s enough to strike a sliver of fear in even the most intrepid job seekers. Getting extended an employment offer these days is not for the faint at heart. You need a sound strategy, executable tactics, and an ability to avoid job search tar pits in order to get the ultimate prize – an employment offer.


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