Job Search Poetry: Taking Stock

"I'm looking forward to looking back on all of this." ~ Sandra Knell This a guest post by Hayim Abramson. If you'd also like to guest post here on JobMob, follow these guest post guidelines. As our achieved accomplishments accelerate, We can account for our accumulated lives: What have we acquired in the way we have acted? Is it all a real advance, or a mere adjustment. In short, what is it that we advocate for others and us? Do we anticipate problems or seek to get approval? On the way, do we affect others positively and alert them? And what are our life arrangements, at what price assigned?


Isabont – The Lazy Way to Job Search?

Isabont is a website that aims to "plan your career. manage your job search." An easy claim to make but the video demos on the Isabont homepage do make the tool quite appealing. Simon Clay Michael, Isabont's founder, was kind enough to offer a Premium account so that I could test out the site for you in all its glory. This is the JobMob review.


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