How To Market Yourself For The Job Search or Dating Scenes

What you need to reel them in. This is a guest post by Ofra Kleinberger Riedrich. If you’d also like to guest post here on JobMob, follow these guest post guidelines. Business relationships are no different from private relationships – the difference occurs because of the context in which the relationship exists. And so, it has occurred to me that business tactics can surely help people be more successful also in their private life - when looking for a partner, or in the bridge in between - such as when looking for work. In the words of Rabbi Shmuly Boteach – dating is like going on a series of interviews for the most important position in your life, the position of a spouse. In the search for a loving partner, the modern dating scene allows for business marketing tactics as tools that can assist people to self-market themselves as desirable dates to the opposite sex. When looking for employment, you need to present yourself at your best to your prospective new boss. In this short blog, I want to review the AIDA marketing model and how it can be used on the way to true love or new employment on the way to furthering your career.


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