Job Search 2.0: Build Your Online Reputation to Attract Jobs

Build a strong online presence with the tips below to earn a great reputation that will get you more business or job offers. This is a guest post by Mohammed Al-Taee . If you’d also like to guest post here on JobMob, follow these guest post guidelines. Today, you don’t need to pay $$$ to get more business or job offers. Your online reputation can speak on your behalf and get you your dream job. Microsoft researcher Gordon Bell said in a CNN interview that “by about 2020, our entire life histories will be online and searchable.” What ego do you want the next employer to hear when he searches on your name? Remarkable Personal Brand Jacob Share said “A personal brand is the impression you want to leave on people, the way you want to be remembered. Everything you do and create to reinforce that impression is also part of your personal brand. Protecting your personal brand means protecting your investment in yourself.” Part of what Personal Branding can do for you...


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